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Breana && Tremaine :heart:

Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:59 pm by [S][Y][A]

Trey was watching TV in his condo, he shared with girlfriend Jasmine. He laughed at Will Smith as The fresh prince in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, he loved that show. He was interrupted by a knock on the door, he sighed and wonder who it could be 'cause Jasmine wasn’t in town. She went to New York to visit her Mother, He couldn’t go because of his work. He opened the door and was surprised by …

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••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  [S][Y][A] on Fri May 22, 2009 7:04 pm

he looks cute in that pic

CRank IT!!

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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Fri May 08, 2009 5:39 pm

--Chapter 12: Will she leave me hangin?


I sat in my car awaiting her arrival. Damn our first trip together, I hoped it would be the first of many...unless I decided to settle for a real relationship. But then of course the women who you thot were real werent so wat is the use?

I wasnt trippinrite then tho. i was on my grown man swagg, just chill, relaxing, optomism, ya know? I had a weekend with a sexy woman to get thru. I got a text from her finally. I was parked at our usual spot.

"Im Nearby" the text said.

I got up out of my car and leaned against my door. "Dont keep me waitin ma Smile " I txted back. I stood there glowing brighter than usual: http://www.chrispictures.com/displayimage.php?album=87&pos=75 but i knew she'd like it, or at least think i looked funny. And of course I heard a sexy laugh that put a smile on my face as I saw her walk up. She looked cute, all rite in her beige cargo shorts (?) and her white tanky top, and her hair all wavy and still so beautiful, with her greenish hazel eyes so hypnotic.

"What you laughing at?" I asked as she walked up.

"Why you look like a clown for?" she asked, as she tossed me her mini duffel bag.

"Becuz I love putting a smile on that face." Rolling Eyes she rolled her eyes and smirked at me, i hated when she did that, it was kinda attractive.

"Drive," she said while walking over to the passenger side. I bit my lip and hopped back in the car, waited for her too, and threw her duffel in the back.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  [S][Y][A] on Sat May 02, 2009 5:06 am

Damn, that was wrong of her.
How you gonna turn the man on like that and then say no
poor Chris lol

Cranks it Asia boo

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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Fri May 01, 2009 8:21 pm

--Chapter 11 (continued)

She sighed and rolled her eyes. I smiled to myself as she looked away from me and shook her head. I was a bit immature, but I mean I just wanted her to have fun, get her to be a bit more open, and I saw that my approach was working. But maybe she was a bit more serious than I thot.

After a while with my radio music on to balance our silence, I noticed Asia reasting her head in her arm laying on the rolled window of the passenger door. I leaned my elbow on my side and looked off at the horizon, chewwing on my bottom lip. I was just thinking, about nothing really. Well kind of, like how for some reason, I was really finding interest in Asia and we didnt have much of a relationship. I mean we werent even talkin at this moment, but she knew me and I knew her, and she didnt like games.

SO then, I thot about the games I play...messin around witht he jungle chick. Honestly, I really wanted to get to know her more, and over the weekend i was going to so i mean that was cool...but wat about this gurl rite here. I looked at her and let my eyes run down her body. I never thought Id like her, she was my shy secretary, and not my usual type of chick, but she was a beautiful person, even if her style didnt show it much. I stared out again.

"Mr. Brown..." I heard her say.

"Hmmm?" I responded.

"Does it bother you that I dont call you chris?"

I smiled at the sound of that. "You could call me watver you want ma," I said making her smile slightly.

"So wat we doin na? It's about to get dark and the park is going to close," she asked leaning her back against the seat.

"Wanna go tot he club or something?" I asked in a mellow and relaxed tone.

She laughed. "The club?"

"Yeah you know, it's early..." I said smiling.

She bit her bottom lip. "Wehn are you taking me home, Chris?"

She sent sensational chills down my spine when she said my name. I dont know wat it was when she said it, just this overwhelming feeling in my body.

"You aint got no work tomorrow...why you gotta go home already?" I whined.

"I'm not the club type..I'm just tired from work and I want to go home. Is that okay?"

"Yeah yeah yeah...but next time we goint ot he club, iont care wat yu say. Deal?"

"This is not deal or no deal..." she said in a smart tone.

"Hey...dont trip. Is it a deal or not?"

"Fine. Just take me home, agressive a$$," she said and chuckled.

It was still early, like not even ten when we got to her apartment. We took the elevator up to her place and stood at her door. I hugged her and wrapped my arms around her tight. I was being stupid and not letting go, making her giggle. I alughed along a little bit too. She finally escaped my embrace and tried to hold a smile from me.

"So, who da bombass boss?" I asked.

"I dont know, you tell me," she said putting her hand on her hip.

"Oooh, so you gon play, I got you...that sh!t hurt rite here" I said was I patted my chest. She laughed at me.

"Well...okay you are an 'okay' boss. Thanks. I actually had fun with you...I cant believe I'm telling you this," she said, shaking her head.

I lifted her head with my pointer finger. "Naw, it's cool...I had fun too boo," I said smiling and makin her look at me. In a somewat awkward silence, we stood there..staring a little bit.

You may not believe me, I didnt either, but she gave me that face. That 'you know wat I want face' as we stood there. She did I noticed it anywhere. I bit my lip and could feel the fire in my groin building up. I leaned in and down a bit moving toward her face more, and she did too, wasnt no hiding it. And that was no ordinary kiss. this supposedly shy gurl dun had her toung reach mine before our lips even met. I love lil freaks. When we wanted more than just trying eachothers tadte buds, I locked my lips on her mouth. By habit, reflex, and weakness in our bodies, I pushed her up againt her door. My hands stayed at her waist and the bottom of her shirt as I sucked on her top lip with passion and desire to bust her out of her shirt as I pictured this would lead in my mind.

She breathed hard through her nostrils everytime we pulled back to kiss deeper. In her grasp was my shirt, pulling me closer to her, as if id ever pull away. I could feel my d!ck ready to grind on her. Her kissing was killing me, like heroin, and I needed that fix. No one NO ONE could beat this gurl in tounge game, trust me. My beast from the wild came so damn close, and Id hat eto say Asia beat her, but she was rite about now. The way asia sucked all the flavor out of every kiss was detonating hormone bombs in my body. And now I was pressing my toung on every last spot in her mouth, her cheeks, lips, teeth, and fight with her tounge for where mine would go next...until mine couldnt take it anymore.

I pulled away breathing heavily and sucking my lips. I closed my eyes and bit my lip. "I want you so...fukking...bad..rite now," I said to her. Her tounge escaped her mouth and licked my bottom lip.

"I want you more," she said. In my mind I was fukking her brains out that very moment. My inner reaction was my jaw dropping. She sounded too damn sexy--(gco) "W-wait...no no.."

"Baby wat...I'll fukk you rite here," I said eager and going in for another kiss.

"Oh MY GOD! Mr. Brown I cant..ever," she said pushing me away.

"Wait no, what happened to you wanting me, Asia...please..."

"Mr. Brown...I cant....good nite she said," looking disappointed in herself and walking into her apartment.

"UGHHHH!!!!" I groaned out. I was pissed and bamboozled and hurt at the same damn time. When I was in the elevator I kept hitting my head against the wall. Wha the fuk was up wit her?!

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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  [S][Y][A] on Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:53 pm

Aww they are too cute Very Happy
Chris, smh, is nasty Razz

CRnk it!

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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:08 pm

I hit the button to let my hard top convertable pop back. "I dont know. The day is ending and I mean you finally loosen up so this is a good note to end the day on. And I like sno cones!" I said as I hopped up out of the car. "You want one."

"She smiled. "Yeah. Thanks."

It didnt take me long. I came back wit two styrofoam cups of snocone flowing over the top of each. They were bright red wit the original cherry flavor. I handed Asia one with her spoon and a napkin. I watched her mouth dive onto the peak at the top, and then I went in for mine.

"You dont have to do alla this," she said during the silence, as she kept poking her spoon at the ice.

"Why you say that?" I asked with my mouth filled of the cold stuff.

"Look, I know for a while, you been tryna be friends with me and shi--i mean and stuff, but you're just doing it because you dont want everything to be awkward." I watched as she still looked down in the cup and spooned the stuff into her mouth.

"Well you're right..." i said.

"Gee thanks. That doesnt make it any better because I mean your just using me or wasting my time if that's the case. I've tried to make soem changes, but I know wat goes on with you inside and out of that ossice, and not much of a change you've made."

Weell damn. I aint knew she felt like that. She had it all twisted though. "Wait a minute. You didnt even let me finish. Now, there aint no way I would use you, maybe if you look at the big picture then you'll see I really want to be your friend because your the only person I can always tolerate calling me Mr. Brown. I mean it aint like I dont care because my whole work is in your hands, and I mean I've been doing this stuff because Im tired of saying it but I like you. You know Asia, the person, my secretary, my friend. I need to trust you and honestly I feel like we need a relationship on solid ground besides just you working for me." I spooned sum more in my mouth and then started sipping the lst bit from the cup. "look seriously, I know I habent made as many changes as you have, but mine was harder to make anyway, and the only gurl, as you may have guessed, that im fukkin around with is Dani. ANd I dont even want to anymore..."

"Why not? Since when have you let me or anyone else stop you?"

"Your rite I usually dont, but I am now. I said I will to you, so I will. Is it okay for Chris to do good deeds?" I said, almost smiling at her.

She sighed and spooned more in her mouth. "Okay, when you stop chessing so hard after weekends, then maybe I'll believe you."

"I dont be cheesin..." I said thinking about the jungle chick. No lie, I really wish she and I had a relationship like the one I was growing with Asia, she's be perfect for me if she wanted me for more than playing and the d!ck in my pants. "You be cheery sumtimes too. Who be gettin up into that?"

"See again...my personal business, and who's to say sumone's getting it. I dont need a man to be happy." She sipped th elast drop.

"Oh okay...no wonder you so damn tense. I'm tellin you, you need a lil somethin, I could take away that stress you got bottled up," I said stretching and smiling.

"I know you did not just suggest me sleepin with you, you're my boss."

"So, we could role play and I pretend to fire you."


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:08 pm

--Chapter 11 (continued)

By this time, Asia and I had been at the bowling alley for a little over an hour, we were on game two. She gazed up at the scoreboard even tho she cudda just looked at the little computer in front of her where she was sitting down. I hit another spare and danced my way back to her while B2K's "Uh Huh" was playing.

"Uh huh, I know that you wantin this...so tell me can yu handle this..." I sang. She rolled her eyes and giggled at me. "Dont be laughin."

"I'm laughing because I'm not the one who's losing," she said giving me a smirk.

"Aight mami, show me how it's dun then, since I'm just a loser."

"I aint say all that," she said as she got up. She twerked over to pick her ball, in her work skirt and the non-matchin bowling shoes. I sucked on my bottom lip as I saw her rub the ball then bend over slightly to roll it just rite.

"Mmm..." I murmered to myself, "Damn-(gco)"

"Ahaha ha! And what? 9 points in the lead...hurt to lose to a gurl doesnt it?" Asia said as she was alking back toward me.

"I dont get to lose to a sexy lady everyday, so naw, it dont hurt that bad. You aint bust my balls that hard," I said while laughing.

"Shut up!" she said while she giggled at my stupidity.

I made my way over one last time before her last time up. I was such a show out so I wiggled my a$$ a bit for her as I went up to knock down the pins. As I landed a strike, I heard "Hott In Herre" start playin.

"Ohhh, yu wanna alittle bit of ahh ahh and a little bit of ahhh ahh...i was like, GOOD GRACIOUS a$$ IS BODACIOUS!" I sang along as I walked around her while staring her up and down. She just laughed at me again, and said stop. She know she didnt want me to stop though.

I continued singing it as I thought of a way to sabatoge her from winning, and see if she was feelin me all at once. She went up to go, and I kept the song playin in my head as I creeped up behind her...she bent over a little to roll the ball, but I was behind her and busted out with..

"OH! ITS GETTIN HOTT IN HERE SO TAKE OFF ALL YUR CLOTHES!" and she just dropped the ball. SHe started stomping in anger as I chuckled, and then laughed so hard I was laying on the wood floor. She sucked her teeth bit laughed too. It was kind of funny, and I saw her checkin me out in my wifebeater that I had on under my button shirt that I had open now.

"You better not do it again, lil cheater," she said as she walked back up. SHe stopped like three times to turn around n see if i was behind her. I laughed n was like "Go! wat you scopin fo?"

She rolled her eyes and here she was again. And I couldnt lose, I couldnt, I was being a show off and tryning to impress her at the same time, so I ran up behind her this time and wrapped my arms around her, all sweaty and sh!t, and made the ball knock out her hands as I sang thru laughter "Checkin yur reflectin and tellin ya best friend like gurl i think my but gettin big!"

Her jaw was down and she said "I cant believe you! Oh my gosh you suck!!! I cant belive you."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I just thought we was dancing," I said, not stopping ,y s,iling. SHe stomped away from me, still smiling, but a little angry.

"Watever. Let's go already," she said while she was sitting down and unlacing the shoes.

Later I was driving, with intentions of taking her home, or at least her intentions were to go stright home. Well naw, I wasnt dun havin fun, plus I had to redeem myself. I noticed her looking out the window. I looked at the horizon outside throught the weindsheild and saw the sunset beginning. I saw the glisten in her eyes as she watched and the reflection in her glasses. Probably the simple things in life took her stress away, because it was obvious she was always tense and tight.

She was so into the scenery outside I hoped she didnt notice that I had been passed her apartment. I figured take her sum place she could enjoy the view a little bit better. I dont know I like being around her. She didnt try to upstage people cuz she was so shy so I mean she's easy to talk to or kick it wit, only you prolly will never know whats going on in that brilliant mind of hers.

"Okay I know you aint kidnappin me so where are we going, becuz I know my place was wayyy back there," she said, cutting off ym thoughts.

"Oh, well I'm not gon see you for 4 days, I aint wanna stop hanging out. Thought we was havin fun," I said over the music on a medium volume. She looked me up and down real quik.

"Well, I mean can I at least know where you're taking me, Mr. Brown?"

"Well, we're here." It was the park. Somewhat quiet at this time, people walking through it, dinner picnics. And of course the sunset. Yep, I'm a sucker for love, I like romancing the ladies.

"Wat are we here for?" she asked.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Sat Apr 25, 2009 10:10 pm

--Chapter 11: The Needed Fix

Four Day Weekend!!! Hell yeah muthafuckas!!!! I didnt have to see those teasing lil hoes for 4 days, friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. I was hype all thursday waiting to leave. I was putting a few more stuff in my breifcase than usual cuz i mean i had to work on sum sh!t during the vaca, but my real plans were with my beast babe the jungle chick. I dont know how, but I talked her into letting us take it to a place a little more classy like my condo on the northern coast. Guess hse was open to different things. As they say..there's no wrong way to eat a reeses.

It was almost 6, and I was packin up my last bit of sh!t. I just started singing feelin madd happy..."...want to but I cant help it, I love the way you feel, just got me stuck between my fantasy and wat is real, I need it when I want it, I want it when I dont, tell myself I'll stop everyday knowin that I wont..."...

"Wow...why are you so happy?" Asia said as she walked in.

"What you mean why I'm happy? I aint gotta be here for 4 days!" I said smiling.

"Okay I get it, I get it," she said as she walked in further. She walked over to my desk and started picking up PENDING files and setting them into her bag. As I did the same going thru my stupid sh!t on ym desk i lokked up at her, but she aint notice she just kept on.

Then I had that heated feeling like in high school when you sit in your room with your future girlfriend and she studying but you know you dont wanna study but then she looks up at you and you act like you was studying too. And I know she looked up at me so I looked down at my desk again gettin my sh!t then she did too. And one of us fukked it up cuz we looked up at the same time.

For a moment our eyes literally locked. I dont know wat I saw in her eyes but it was too deep to describe. It wasnt like her eyes were extraordinary just I saw a bunch of sh!t flash before me, but my warped mind didnt catch it. She started bobing her head side to side but I didnt even notice in my daze.

"Mis-ter Brown? Hello?" She slammed a file down on the desk.

I jumped slightly. "Huh? Oh, yeah..."

"Are you okay?" she asked wit a slight smile on her face.

"Yeah I'm gud ma," I said and saw her almost grin, but she held it in. "So...Asia..wat you doin over the weekend? You busy?"

"umm..." she said searching for an answer, "actually...yeah."

"Oh really?" I said with a smile. "You got a man now or sumthin?"

"Aha..please. I'm taking online classes...to you know, make it to the top."

I smiled somewat impressed..but she was tryna steal my job. Jp jp. "Oh I see, you tryna put me out of a job now aint yu?"

"Dont worry about all of that. Besides...if I did, then you could be my secretary," she said giving a big grin of approval.

"Mhmm. So you want me to where shirts that you can gaze down into?" Oops, I thot out loud!

"Wat?!" she said, clutching the top od her shirt.

"Wait! I didnt mean it like that. I Dont GAZE...necesarrily, I mean I'm just tall enought that when I look down..." she just stered at me, "umm, yeah..awkward.."

"Well..what are you doing this weekend?" she asked.

"I dont know. Chillin, ya know, taking advantage of the break. Getting away to my convo, you know you know."

"At least someone will be having fun..."

"Well...hey if you find time...then I mean maybe we could kick it or sumthin."

"What for?" she said.

"A little 4 play."

"Mr. Brown!"

I laughed. "Im kidding Im kidding, Im kidding. Dayum girl. I'm just saying. We;re friends so let's hang out sometime."

"But I see you every-(gco)"

"Work dont count. Now honestly, we shud do something together. You free tomorrow?"


"Okay, saturday?"




"Okay I see where this is going. You're avoiding me."

"I'm not, "she said through a smile she couldnt contain.

"Then wat you smilin fo?" I asked smiling too.

"Because your losing your mind. I'm not that much fun okay Mr. Brown, look at this whole thing as me saving you from doing somthing that you dont have to."

"Dont say that. I'm not gonna stand here and act like I dont want to, cuz I really do."

She tryed to hold in a nother smile. I kinda liked when she did that. I knew she was diggin me she just was frontin thats all. I kept eyeing her and she eyed me and gave me a little glare, reading into me like she did times before. "Fine." She just said.

"YES! So...let's go..."

"Go where? Rite now?!"

"Yeah, come on."

"Are you serious?" I took her hand and dragged her out that office tot he elevator. SHe kept laughing. "Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown, seriously."

"What I'm serious. Do It look like I'm playing?"

"Well where are you taking me?"

"Wherever you wanna go."


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  [S][Y][A] on Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:07 pm

lol @ Barry and Chris
Damn Asia got a attitudee!!!! lol
i dont blame her Very Happy

CRank it Assiaaa!!

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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:08 pm


As we hugged, we heard the door opening..and we backed up as quickly as possible.

"Umm, is this a bad time?!" Asia asked with her eyes wide as she let them drift back and forth between me and Mijo. Hey eyes had a questioning appeal...guess I was staring too hard.

"N-noo...NOOO. We were just..." I started.

"Embracing eachother with a hug of our brotherly bond," Barry finished. I hit the back of his head. "Nigga wat the fuk?"

"Can you make yurself sound any fruitier dumbass...?"

Asia looked at the both of us and shook her head. She sighed and went through her clipboard, walked over to my desk and placed papers on it as she went thru them. I watched her bend her feet tot he sides as she stood there, her feet mustve been hurting. I bit my lip watching her from behind. B sucked his teeth and shook his head.

"Man...go..." I whispered to him thru my teeth, tilting my head toward the door.

"Why?" he asked thru another whisper.

"You know why I wanna...mmmm," I said as made grinding motions toward one of my chairs.

"You wanna...mmmhmmmm mmm mmm," B asked, making movemments as well.

"Nigga get out!" I yelled thru a whisper.

"Nigga, get a room!" he yelled back!

We began an argument thru whispers and I was getting frustrated. Then we heard Asia clear her throat. We turned our heads toward her.

"Is sumthing wrong wit ya throat?" I asked to her.

"Excuse me?" she questioned back.

"chris, I'm sure yu can think of a fluid to quench her thirst cant yu?" B said asmiling.

Needless to say I kicked his a$$ out my office. Asia stood there with her clipboard and stared at me.

"Damn, I must be lookin sexy today, you lookin me up and down," I said as I smiled.

"Yeah okay watver. There's the files that I ddi..you know not Danielle who I heard is supposed to..oh yeah, assist me..."

I sat down in my seat. "Well, I'll tell her to get on her job."

"Mhmmm. So if I wasnt 'on my job' then who would get things done?" she asked rollin her neck and gettin smart with me.

"Look, I'll talk to Dani, damn. And dont worry bout her, she's my assistant, your just primary and she's secondary."

"Aha okay. So secondary must be a little code for 'booty call' huh Mr. Brown?" she asked, cocking her head to the side.

I was a little surprised she said that, it wasnt like her. But then again, she was changing everyday, becoming more unpredictable. While something about her new found attitude wasnt attractive...she kept messin wit me and I just wanted to junp on it.

"Booty call? Wat are you talking about?" Stupid move, but I wantd to see wat would happen if I denied it.

"You know wat whatever...that's prolly how you got this job anyway..." she said acting liek she was diligently looking over a paper.

"You tryna say I fukked my way to the top?"

"Actually I meant somehow playing dumb and looking cute get's you everywhere you wanna go..." she said so nonchalant.

Seriously, who was she and wat did she do with Asia? Did she even work for me because the way she was talkin, her a$$ musta forgot who ran this business. I was the boss, I make the decisions, she supposed to don wat I say and she get's wat she wants, no questions asked...wait..did she just call me cute? Very Happy

"Really, so this cute dumb act I put on has nothing to do with me signing your paycheck?" I asked, challenging her.

"You know wat, I do my job and yet I still get the short end of the stick. Thanks for the appreciation, why dont you just give Dani all the credit since I sure a$$ hell dont get it," she was walking away, wen I gently tugged her arm.

"I appreciate you."

"Mhmmm. I'm sure you do," she said folding her arms.

"I do. You know without you, I wouldnt be halfway as successful as I stand rite now. Stop trippin, you know I need you," I said gaining a smile.

"Oh, but i thot I wasnt worthy of your precious signiture on my paycheck?" she said drammatically.

"Forget that, forget that. I'm sorry. I'll get my game up." I made her smile a little.

I licked my lips. "So,...you really think I'm cute?"

she lightly chuckled. "...hmmmcI dont know, im sure Dani thinks so." She said.

Then left.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  [S][Y][A] on Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:30 am

Aww, poor Barry Crying or Very sad
Chris is sucha a$$

He..... CHANGE????Shocked

i wanna see that happen

CRANK IT! cheers

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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:06 pm

--Chapter 10 (continued)

B and I were wildin for a little while longer, not that much, but we played tight or loose goin through the names of the girls in the office. Even the ones we was never wit, we could usually tell whether they was or not. We went down on the list on my clipboard.

"Okay man okay...Cydney?" I asked.

"Oooh, damn I never had Cyd," he said with deep thot on his face.

"Well...wat you think. I tapped that..."

"Man, you never told me you fucked Cydney!" he said getting defensive.

"I thought you were over her, damn."

"Nigga, I aint say to move in on the girl you aggressive motha fucka!" HE stood up, lookin madd pissed. "You cant keep your d!ck out a woman for a minute...just one girl that's all i asked you for..."

"...damn b I'm sorry man, forreal. I aint know it was that deep."

"Naw man...you dont care.." he said. His voice got lighter and he looked away from me.

I Tried to look closer at wat he was doing. "Man, B...I'm sor-- is you crying fool?"

"Naw man...maybe...real men cry, damn. I'm tired of being your sidekick. You get all the women in here, and you dont even care, you just in it for the pussy. While I have built actual relationships with these females..and you...you get all the credit. And man, to be honest...a brotha been stressin out. Aint had none in 10 weeks..."

I looked at him like he was losin it. "10 weeks nigga?..damn. You got it bad."

"You dont even fukkin care. We sposed to be niggas man..." he said gettin loud. He stood up like he was about to leave.

"Man, B wait..." I stood up. "I'm sorry dawg. I'm an a$$...but, I'm tryna change...I am."

"You forreal man?"

"Yeah," I said. I walked over to give him dap. We did and then had to share a hug. That was my nigga rite there, like the bro i never had, only i was the sexy one.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:56 pm

--Chapter 10: Creeping


Talk about shady. My damn secretary was the epitome of bein shady. She dodged nearly all contact with me except me telling her wht to do. It was like how it was before, before she was opening up to me, only she kept the ponytailt hing with the long piece or hair thing going instead of the dumbass bun. ANd I coulda swore her skirts were getting shorter. I think she might've been doing this now to tease me since she knows at least I'm looking.

Dani on the other hand, a little more easier to get into. No not easy int he bed, even tho I did tap that. Look, at least I knew her for months before we fukked. And I needed it, I hadnt got a call from the jungle broad in so long. Probably like 4 weeks, so I was planning on calling her the upcoming weekend.

I was at my desk watching porn (lol jp jp) i mean you tube videos. In walked Dani. She smiled at me in a sensual way and sat on my desk right by my computer.

"May I help you?" I asked.

"No, I'm here to help you out," she said, unbuttoning her top and uncrossing her legs. Got my attention.

"well, dayum you so good at unbuttoning sh!t, I shouldnt have to do anyhting," I said. She giggled. I scooted my chair up right between her legs as she began unbuttoning my shirt. I grabbed her waist from behind and pulled her down on top of me. We felt eachother's chest as we kissed until I heard light knock on the door. i knew that knock anywhere. Its was----

"Get under the desk!" I told Dani. She listened. I fixed up my shirt and wiped my face. "Come in!" It was only Barry.

"Man, wat you doin up in here? You been ghost all day." He said, sitting down in a chair.

"Oh, Its okay Dnai, it's just B," I said.

"Gee, thanks, it's just B," she said in a sarcastic tone. She stood up from being under my desk and fixed herself up a little.

"Dani? OOoooh wee, and I thought Monica suckin me off in the break room was wild," B said.

"Nigga, what the hell?" I asked.

"Oh, I said too much." Dani headed to the door.

"I'll catch you later, Chris," she said holding the door open. I nodded. She sighed and closed the door.

"Man, why you and Dani creepin around? I bet you half the broads in here already know yu in her draws," B said.

I picked up my rubiks cube. "Man, so what? They dont need to be all up in our business. Besides, I have another secretary you know. She doesnt need to know what I;m doin," I said, thinking hard.

"You know you cant keep sh!t from her, she knows more about what you do than me."

"It's not even that. Honestly, Dani is sexy, smart, cute, nice..sexy..but dude I dont see much more in her than a quick fuk."

"I heard you say that a million times and then you get caught up and build relationships with these females...wat the fuk am I talkin bout, one of these girls is gonna end up being my baby mama one day."

We both laughed. "Man, naw forreal tho. You know the jungle broad?"

"Oh yeah the crazy chick with the capturing and sh!t?"

"Yeah. She's been neglecting her duties of fulfilling my anamalistic needs. I'm horny, man." I slammed the rubiks cube on ym deska few times for emphasis of how cranky I was.

"Oh, so that's where Dani comes in. Got ya," he said, nodding his head. I tossed the cube at him and he went to work on it. I stared out my window.

"Yeah, but...I dont want It to be Dani. Dont get me wrong, I dont wanna hurt her, and she knows all we do is fool around, but she's getting attatched. sh!t, I'm getting attatched...."

"...but not to Dani?"

"Exactly. But I still dont know who it is I'm trippin over," I spun around in my chair.

"What do you mean you dont know? Your onyl fucking the crazy b!tch besides Dani."

"Yeah, but I mean I dont know her, but she knows me, and now she's ignoring me or teasing me or just not giving me wat i want. She's punishing me..."

He laughed. "Are you her b!tch or something?"

"No what i mean is she hypnotizes me with these little games, then I go crawlign to her, but I dont know what she's up to now. And besides her...there's the other female gettin on my last nerve, Asia."

He dropped the cube. "Asia?!"

"Shhhhh. Damn. Yes, man." I said looking around as if soemone could snoop in my own office.

"You fucked her too?!"

"No...not yet." We chuckled again. "Seriously though. She's avoiding me all the time man, and we...we kind of...nigga i kissed her."

He started jumping up and dwon in the chair exscited and shocked. "AHH! Dude, you forreal? How did you get into her?"

"Man, I dont even know. It was on her birthday man. I just went for it damn, she was looking rite. And we was bout to bang int he company car...but she wouldnt let it happen."

":no, sh!t. She got that tounge game." I smiled.

"It's aight man, its aight. She as good as the--"

"jungle chick? Dayum man. I got one song for you..'Im sprungg...how she got me...got me doin things id never do...'" he said laughing.

"Man shut up."


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:39 am

--Chapter 9 (continued)

"Is it Barry's?" she asked looking outside my huge office window and staying away from me.

"No, B has a car..." I said, licking my lips as I looked at her from behind.

"Then what's the point in having a company car if the company doesnt use it? It a waste to the budget and as your assistant I cant let us waste thousands of dollars on an unused car."

"Well, that's wat I was gonna talk to you about. Let's go check out the car," i said, opening my office door. She did it agin, looked at me in a squinting glare like she didnt want to go somewhere alone with me. I wasnt gon do nothing, I was on ym best behavior...

We walked into the elevator, not getting much stares from people int he office, I did notice Dani though, who walked up to us.

"Hey Chris, hey Asia. where you two going?" she asked standing in front of the elevator doors.

"We're going to take a look at the company car...then we'll be back. Shouldnt take long," Asia said trying to hurry the little trip along.

"Well, I guess I'll come alon--(gco)"

"No!" I said in unison with Asia. Wow...wat was that about?

"I mean, Danielle, it's not a business trip, you can stay up here. Mr. Brown doesnt need any assisting right now."

"Well, I am grown and go where I feel like going." I watched them argue and imagined the fire alarm sprinklers coming on during the fight...that'd be great. "Right Chris," Dani said ruining my fantasy.

"Huh? Well...Dani I mean...it's a two-seater," I said. Asia shook her head at me. I couldnt come up with an excuse besides that it might be awkward considering I had my toung in both their mouths that day. Damn i was on a roll.

"Fine. Watver, have fun. I'll see you wen you come back...Chris. Bye, and bye..Asia," Dani said with an insincere smile.

"Bye Dani!!" Asia said waving with spirit fingers, but also with a fake smile. Was I missing somethign because they had awkward reactions toward eachother. I tried to shake it off for the time being and I rememebered how weird it was to be in a n elevator with Asia. So quiet. I put my hands in my pockets and swayed foward and back, whistling a tune.

Asia glanced at me real quick, let out a sigh, and rolled her eyes. I set my fist on an elevator wall, and started knocking tot he beat while I whistled it..."I can exercise you this could be your Phys. Ed, cheat on ya man ma that's how yu get a H-iz-ead..." I knew she felt like laughing or something, but she didnt yet. So, at the chorus I got louder "WHEN THE PIMPS IN THE CRIB MA DROP IT LIKE IT HOTT". And soon she was laughing.

"Shut up, Mr. Brown...seriously," she said through laughs.

"Telling me to shut up? You forgetting I sign your paycheck?" I said.

"Well, I-I was just kidding. i meant please stop...wahtveer it is your doing...Mr. Brown."

i laughed. "Naw, i was joking, I was joking. Damn and I thought you were loosening up."

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. "Loose isnt always better, Mr. Brown." Oh sh!t, wat did that mean? Was she tight?...not that I cared or nun, just...amn what am I saying, I was ready to get cutty right in the parking lot with her.

We walked intot he huge lot, the 3rd level of the lot, which was our entire floor to the top floor's cars. She walked ahead of me, her heels clacking with the ground like a diva. I followe dup next ot her and pointed to over where the car was. I saw her eyes brighten at the sight of it. It was an all white Bently 2009, sexy a$$ car. I'd tap that, forreal. Then she just looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

"Arent you going to open it, Mr. Brown?" she asked. I tossed her the keys out my pocket.

"It's yours, why would i open it?" I said trying not to smile.

"This is not my car."

"Uhh yeah it is, I'm giving it to you."

"No, no you're not!" she said like she didnt beilieve it.

"Yes I am. It's yours. Me and B already got whips, so when they gave us the company car, I figured my assistant does a bunch of sh!t and is still riding the bus...cant have that. So, here you go," I said.

"Stop playing with me!" she still said, shocked.

"I'm not playing," I said smiling. "Get in."

She held a contained yet excited face and finessed the car with her fingertips as she mad her way tot he driver's seat. Lucky car. She opened it up and sat in the seat with her legs hanging out the door. I then walked over tot he passenger side and let myself in. Again, she caressed the interior inlcuding the door, and the wood grain that had the air condition buttons and radio, etc. My mind was somewhere else wishing I could feel those fingertips. The way she touched and massaged every detail, then she exhaled and leaned back on the seat. It was like 3 minute sex or something.

"This is bananas," she let out in a hushed tone.

"I know," I said, just kicking back.

It was quiet, so I took the keys and started the radio up. I tuned it to an XM radio station, The City. It was on a comercial.

"Wait, I dont even have gas money!" She said out of no where.

"Relax, gurl. It's a 'company car.' I'll handle the gas money," I said, chcukling.

"No. Take the car, I cant take it," she said, tossing the keys at me.

I held them out to her. "Take the keys."


"Asia...take the keys."


"Take them..."

"No, I cant."

I opened her hand and placed the keys in them while looking her directly in the face. "Listen to me. I got it covered, I run this place, I can take care of the gas...take the car okay. It's the company car...and partially a gift from yours truly...you know you know, but seriously. Dont stess ma, you got a car now."

She looked back at me, looking slightly over the rim of her glasses...then her eyes triled down to my hand still touching hers. I didnt look down, I just caressed her hand with my thumb, then she looked back up at me. I heard "Cuddy Buddy" start playing on the radio. And i dont know what I was thinking, but I ran my hand up her arm. She stopped it before I reached the top of her dress on her shoulder.

"Mr. Brown, we ca-(gco)" I put a finger over her lips. She know she wanted me, why was she frontin. We could easily just do it, no one would notice...I set my hand on her thigh and bit my lip, she but hers too. SHe was breathing faster, i noticed as I watched her chest. I leaned in and immediately frenchkissed her, slipping my tounge between her lips. He tounge fought with mine, but it only made me more anxious. I started unzipping my jacket, feeling unable to control myself.

I had her though. She didnt even stop it yet, I got her falling for me. I mean why was it such a bad thing? She had that tounge game though, the lips of a goddess tasting so incredible...just i dont know...something inside me was telling me to stop. I ran my hand up her thigh and she placed a hand on my chest. I hadnt struggled fopr so much breath since the last time I met up with my jungle mami. And even just form that kiss, Asia put up a good fight so i mean the jungle chick had some competition. Her gasping for air sounded just as sweet tho. quickly she took out the key to the car, fixed up her hair a bit, smoothed out her dress, and got up out of the car.

"I think we should get back to the office now," she said and shut the door. She power walked ot the elevator as I watched her while I took my time getting out the car.

She was already in the office byt the time I got back up there. She was trying to keep herself occupied byt talking to her friends. I was watching her tho, and we looked at eachother as i walked into my office. I was feeling so horny, got all ready and sh!t and couldnt even fulfill my needs.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  [S][Y][A] on Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:52 pm


THEY KISSED!!! I love you
THEY KISSED!!! I love you

Didn't those lips feel familiar, Chris?Wink

Asia, you are the Jungle Chick. I just know you are!

CrAnK iT!!

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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:48 am

--Chapter 9 (continued)


I watched Mr. Brown walk away to to bathroom I guess. In my mind a slow Keri Hilson beat popped in fro a second, "Where did He Go?" was the song. That was wierd, but I wasnt stupid, I know some girl up in the office was just on that. And on my birthday? My boss couldnt go without fooling around for one day? But the weird thing was, he had the decency to go to the bathrrom instead of try to clean his slate in front of me.

As far as the whole office surprise...how much of a surprise could it be when I heard Corrin and Zanaba speaking on it in the break room? But i give Chris Brown some credit, he actually kept something from me even though we always do sumthing for people's birthdays. People came at me with hugs and birthday wishes, but I couldnt help but think where my boss was at.

"How it feel to be 20 years old? You aint a little gurl anymore!" DaLisha said.

"Gee, thanks Dee Dee," I said shaking my head.

"Yeah yeah yeah she grown she grown. It's time to get this b!tch started," Barry said wit a bottle of bacardi in his hand.

"Wait! Hold on, I dont drink. This isnt my 21st Birthday," I said looking at him like he'd lost his mind.

"Little girl there is some gingerale in the break room, go knock yourself out!"

"Shut up," I said laughing.

Next thing I knew, Boyfriend #2 was playing throughout the office. I sincerely styled as a few gifts started coming my way, but I sighed and still knew something was missing.


I was lookin sexy today too, and that Dani just had to surprise me with her little games. I ahd already wiped off the lip sh!t, but now I was kind of just waiting for my lips to stop looking so pink. I wondered how Asia must feel, I'm not at the party and all, but I mean I dont think she cared that much, I was so predictable to her. But I felt shitty and embarassed, for some reason more than usual. I was lookin good though: http://fresh2defsheis.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/chris-brown-_-giant-mag.jpg
Alot more casual than business. Most of the office was dressed like that, except Dani, she was relatively new still so she was used to normal attire. And Asia, well she actually had on a dress, but the bottom reminded me of the cut of her business skirts. It was still somewhat business casual, but i knew how she was, she wouldnt where a dress to work like that. She was actually lookin...real nice today. She had a thick peice of hair following the shape of the left side of her face.

Well my mid was definitely trippin, so I ran water and splashed it on my face...only to get some on my pants.

"AWW shti!" I said and tryed to dry it with paper towel so it didnt look like I pissed my pants. Oh well, I was missin out on the party and my jam was on.

I walked intot he main part of the office, int he open space of the cubicles to see most of the women dancing and Mijo watching with an anxious look on his face, bt trying to also do the moves to "Single Ladies." I caught eyes with a few of them, you know, some of the ones I been up in. the expressions I got back included the rolling of eyes and even a few of them winking or biting their lips. Dani was about 3 chicks away from Asia, who was laughing at herself while dancing next to Corrin who was killin it. i smiled and walked over to them, somewhere near the front.

"Oh Oh Oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh," we heard playing. And I hit the moves hard with the waist action at "If you liked then you shudda put a ring on it" and gott he women hott. Wen I was done I was cheesing and laughin and B gave me dap. Zanaba, Myla, Dani, Asia, Jenel, and Corrin was crackin up at me. As the song turned to "Yeah" I calmed myself down a bit and gave my secretary a hug with another Happy Birthday.

"So was you surprised? I mean you aint see this in my schedules or appointments," I said sipping on some gatorade.

"Yeah for once you didnt mess things up and I didnt have to act like I didnt know you messed up," she said in a happy but sarcastic tone.

"Aight I got you. I see how it is, I'm just a screw up huh?"

"No, but if you didnt then I wouldt have a job," she said smiling.

"You gettin smart. I should go exchange your gift for something cheap now."

"Cheap? Please tell me you didnt get anything expensive," she said rubbing her temples.

"Look, I can buy whatver I want for you. You work hard for me. I wouldnt have ALL that money if it wasnt for you anyway, girl. Damn."

She shook her head and sighed, btu still with a smile, probably becasue I was. This was where I really took the time out to admire what she was working with today...staring down the two loose buttons at the top of her dress that just fit her body so well. "Oooh there's something about, there's something about the way she moves, I cant figure it out there's something about her," knocked at my mind when Miss Independant came on. There was something about her.

A little time later, a couple of hours or so, the dancing and music died down a little and everyone was just talking and chillin around. I was in my office with a big piece of publix cake. As soon as I sat down and took a bite, I heard some screming and running in the office followed by laughing. Into my office came Asia, frosting with some cake on her right cheek...of her face not her a$$.

"Yall so immature," she managed to say through laughter as she closed the door behind her.

"Dayum they got you before I ddi," I said chcukling.

"Whatever." She walked over to my desk and grabbed some paper towels to wipe off the cake. She sat on the edge of my desk. I reached over with ym finger and sccoped up some frosting before she got rid of it all. Ilickied it off.

"Mmmmm, I aint know you tasted like that."

She shook her head at me. "You have cake right in front of you, stop eating off of me---dont comment on that."

"You know me too well," I said with ym mouth full. "So...how's it feel, how's it feel? You're int he twenties, but you act like you 30."

"Sorry for being mature. And it feels mostly the same, thankyou."

"Mmmm, mature doesnt even describe it."

She got up and walked over to a chair to sit down, like she usually did, onyl she looked more relaxed today, as she should. I looked her up and down trying to figure out how to compliment her without an awkwardness.

"What?" she said questioning my staring.

"Nothing..."I said.

"Oh here we go again--(gco)"

"No. I mean..you look...you look kinda hott today."

"Hott?" she questioned.

"You know..good, clened up, pretty, sexy--(gco)"

"okay, okay. Thankyou. you look...good too, Mr. Brown."

"I thought so too, that why your new digital camera has a little surprise on it."

"My digital camera?" I got up and walked over to her and handed her the box, standing there watching her open it as she eyeballed me. She tried to hold in a big smile, I could tell. "Thanks, Mr. Brown,"she managed to murmer, still trying not to cheese so hard and bit her lip. It felt hott in my office.

"Well," I said turning it on,"Look..." she giggled at the two pictures of me.

"You are...somethign else Mr. Brown," she said. "Thank you so much," she said as she stood up.

We hugged and I held her tight in my arms placed around her lower back. The camera was still in her hadns as she hugged from around my neck. She smelled like Vicky Secret Spray..Love Spell...no...Berry Kiss. Trust me, I smeeled it all. i took the time out now, to get the look at her backside, fighting the urge in my hands to gravitate toward the melons. And I realized..we were huggin for almost 3 minutes now...

We pulled away. She had a bottled up look on her face hiding a smile, but I couldnt help it. I flashed her one and bit my bottom lip. She tryed to look away, but then I lefted her chin and faced her toward me again. I caught her eyes...there was somethign about her. I licked my lips and moved them inward toward her, she didnt even move or flinch. I stared at her lips.

The next feeling was my lips over hers. I planted the kiss, pulled away, and went for another one, with a little bit of tounge and she actually did too. After a few seconds she pushed my chest away a little and we were off of eachother. HEr eyes were wide for asecond. She wiped her lips and I licked mine then wiped them with my fingers.

""Um, so...so um....the pictures?" she hesitantly said, trying to think.

"OH yeah yeah, the thing the camera, yeah," I said.

"um...uhhh," She said looking at a pic. "Oh, you got a new car?"

"It's the company car, but it isnt mine."


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:04 pm

--Chapter 9 (continued)

By then, Dani was fixing herself up a bit and furtively slipping out my office, and me a couple seconds after her. I saw a womans legs and then looke dup to see bags stacked on a clipboard covering her face. I took my position and in 1...2...3...SURPRISE!!! we all said.

The 3 bags and clip board when collapsing tot he floor. People in the office laughed. I slightly smiled to myself, but I wasnt laughing at her. I just shook my head and walked over to help Asia pick it all up, it was my sh!t anyway.

"Happy Birthday Asialers!!!" Jenel said as she walked over to hug Asia who was kneeled down picking up the sh!t.

"Thanks Jenel," She said.

"No problem buddy," she said walking away but not before glimpsing at me. "Umm...hey..Chris...you...waht..," she said before bursting out in laughter. Asia didnt even look up yet.

"Wat the fuk is wit Jenel?" I asked Asia.

"I Don--" Asia said, stoppin when she looked up at me.

"Oh, Happy Birthday, Asia: Chris Brown's Favorite Secretary," I said.

She looked at me with a weird squint. Why did soem women study me? "Mr. Brown...?"

"Yeah? Wat's wrong?"

"umm, if you dont mind me asking...wat is all over your mouth?"

"My mouth?" I felt my lips and felt a somewat stickiness. I thought 'sh!t! Dani!' and headed to the bathroom.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:52 pm

--Chapter 9: Shawty Got Gifts


How do you stop a workaholic from comin to work? tough job, but nun outher than your's truly could get the job done. I was leaning on a cubicle in the office watching people decorate for Asia's birthday and trying to stall her on the phone.

"Okay I got the Gatorade, the Hot Pockets, the soap, the condoms, and the Sourpat--(gco)" I cut her off.

"Eyyy...sourpatch? Oh hell naw, you know that midget rival of mine is a sourpatch suckker. I asked for starburst birthday girl," I said.

"It;s my birthday so the sourpatch is for me, Mr. Brown."

"It better be. You got the gold pack trojans?"

"Yes," she answered through a sigh and a giggle all at once.

"See? Ya boss is packin!" I said smiling.

"Okay, Mr. Brown," she said trying not to laugh.

"Naw, I'm makin sure you know it. How's it feel to work for such a beast in the sheets...got you speechless huh?"

"Watever..."she said laughing. "All right, I'm heading to work..."

I looked at B for the signal that we was ready. He nodded. "Aight, get yo grown...plump...juicy a$$ over here rite now..." I said staring at Dani putting up a Happy Birthday banner. Dayum.

"Umm...excuse me?!" i heard through the phone.

"Oh," I chcuckled. "Not your a$$, never."


"NO! I mean not that it couldnt be your a$$ I was just---I meant---see your a$$ is more like----never mind. See ya when you get here."

I hung up the phone and walked in my office, trying to dodge running my mouth anymore. I slightly left the door cracked open as I picked up Asia's gift off my cesk. I sat on the edge of my desk and turned on the new digital camera. I took one picture of me leaning on the new company car, and now I bit my lip and chunked up the duece. Then I put the camera in it's box. I heard a light knock onnmy office door.

"Yeah," I said waiting for an answer.

"Hey...Chris," Dani said walking in the opening.

"Oh hey, Dani. Wassup?"

"Nothing much," she said walking in a little more. "So, does the office do this for every celebration...like everyone's birthday."

"Yeah, we pretty much shut down the work for the entire day. Why not? Cant have all work and no play."

"I agree. When's your birthday?"

"Oh, mine aint till May. We'll need the whole month off for that cuz we tear the roof off this place fro my birthday. And since you one of my secretary's, it'll be like it's your birthday too."

She smiled and lughed a little. Me too. Then she strolled around the room, admiring my plaques and pictures I guess. She stopped at my grafitti wall. What started otut plain white now had everyones name in grafitti on it, done by the boss...aka moi. "You did all this yourself?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said walking oever to her and the wall. "Well, Asia and Barry did too. Always gotta put Asia to work, and B do the artwork too, gotta have ma homie on the project."

I watched her fingers run over the outlining of her name, which was right about my huge name in the middle of the whole thing. "Why's mine right about yours?"

"good position I guess..." I said smiling. She laughed and playfully hit my arm.

"You're so talented...and funny too," she said, now looking at me.

"Well you know...dont mean to brag but a nigga got swagg..." I said, laughing lightly.

She smiled. And then it got quiet...unfortunately. Me silent in a room with a sexy lady...only meant one thing....something was about to pop off. Our eyes met and I think we started leaning in toward eachother until i stopped.

"You know what, Asia should be here soon..." I said.

"Oh..oh yeah yeah. You sure do talk about her alot...."Dani said, walking away a bit.

"Well, I mean she my assistant. One of the only people who could have my back. I mean she's the best secretary I could ask for. And smart, trustworthy...not bad to look at."

"Oh...she's the best secretary."

"Aww Dani I just meant--"

"Umm...maybe I should--(gco)" I took her hand before she could just walk away.

"Dani wait. I just meant you know...Asia is...Asia."

"Yeah...has she ever been more than a secretary to you?"

I thought about it. I wish she was...did I? No it was just a fantasy. I mean I work with her we couldnt...oh no, I'm starting to sound like her now.

"No, not really."

"So...it's okay if I...." she didnt finish. I was confused.

"Do what?" She looked around quickly as if someone could have been watching. SHe moved in and kissed me. DAYUM!!!! My eyes went wide. Dani was a lil beast, kissed all sloppy and sh!t. How long was hse feeling Breezy, cuz the way she was on that tounge game said she wanted that kiss longer than just how long she was stadning in my office. Me being the man that i am, im not gonna fight her off...I just let it happen, but I needed to breathe.

"Dayum girl!" I said with a shocked look on my face and Dani's red lip shimmer or watever the sh!t was all smeered.

"Oh My GOD! I'm sorr Chris! I mean Mr. Brown. I want supposed...it just...I-I..." I put my finger oevr her lip.

"It's cool Dani, I'm good. We good. I mean....yeah."

WE just went back at it for a few seconds when 'i heard the ring of the elevator door, and whispers of silence in the office.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:04 pm

"I coulda had you if I wanted to," I said.

"You dont even know me..." she said sitting up. She left the sheet wrapped around her and moved her face close to mine staring my face over and making me do the same to her. "See because I know you Chris...I got you...you...belong...to me...not the other way around..." I watched as she slightly let the sheet fall from her grip and my mouth watered eagerly with a hunger held by every man. "...see. I know exactly wat you want."

Whatever she was saying, she was right about. I couldnt even concentrate anymore, i had a dizzyness. Hypnotized as I looked into those eyes with such curiousity. I pulled her into me from her lower back and kissed her long and hard that I could taste her tonsils on the tip of my tounge. We were smashing only with our tounges. I needed to get out of there.

"Mmmm...damn. Baby, I gotta go..." I said sighing and pulling away.

"Of course you do," she said with a grin. She pulled me in to kiss me quickly and then layed back down.

I got all my sh!t, and once again left, until the next time we should meet.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 4:46 pm

BRAND NEW sh!t!!!!!!!

--Chapter 8...(continued)

I worked my body and hips in a grinding motion, like i would at the club only with more passion now. I had one hand leaning on the wall to keep balance and then my other around her waist. She grasped the hand i had around her waist causing me to open my eyes only to see her with her eyes closed and her facial expressions in a cycle: biting her lip, opening mouth to breathe heavily, jaw dropping and letting out moans.

"Chrisss....daddy ahhh too much..." she said in the jaw dropping phase.

"Aight...I'm done," I said as I ceased my groin grinding actions into her backside. I turned her around and leaned her sticky and naked back against the wall. I took one glimpse inot those eyes when she had a chance to lift her head. My lips gravitated automatically toward hers leaving her now only in the phase of heavy breathing, or gasping for air, but neither she or I would stop just to breathe.

I lifted her body and while still kissing her, laid it flat on the bed, already messy. I breathed hard in her face as if I had to catch my breath from runnning a marathon only this gave me more satisfaction. She simultaneously did the same letting out sweet sounds as she did so. I entwined our fingers as i was laying flat on her body, my body slightly between her opened legs. I continued gasping for air and wehn i got some, i kissed her again, letting every one linger, sucking on her lips each time i pulled away.

WE finally just stopped, but i felt her hands roam up my body from behind, gently feeling on my a$$ and my back until she reached my head. I just let out a huge breath and laid my body on hers, her arms and body spread out. She let out a light giggle as she tried to wiggle from under me and I then lifted my body up for a few seconds so that she could. She laid on her chest under the top sheet. I met her face to face in maybe a foot's difference laying on my chest too, but without the sh!t covering the top of my body. She looked directly at me and sucked her bottom lip.

"You were so terrible today," she said.

"Terrible? Ma, I dont think we define that word the same," I argued.

"What I meant was, you were such a bad boy it was ridiculous..." she said. I waitched her grasp the sheet tightly around her, tucking it a bit under her chest. I smiled.

"So, you like that?"

"Dont start feelin yaself. That cocky attitude doesnt work with me."

"I still fail to believe that."

"Why so?" she said cockin her head with a lil attitude in her tone, but a smile on her face.

"Cuz a nigga left you breathless with a smile on that beautiful face," I said as I bit my lip. It's hard to leave beautiful out the description when staring into that face. She squinted hyer eyes at me, trying to read me or something, but held in an insecure smile. It was like deja vu. I shook it off in my head though.

"Mmmm..."she let out.

"What you moanin for? I aint even touching you," I said and laughed.

"Shut up." She turned her head away from me but still layed on her chest.

Some things popped into my mind, but to get them off, I rememebr how i was interested in this mysterious jungle chick. I reached over to wrap my arm around her and move closer to her. I kissed her neck. Then she faced toward me again.

"What do you want?" she said, in an exhausted smile.

"Tell me about yourself..."I said.

"Dont start this..."

"Why not? You know everything about me. I bet you know what I did yesterday."

"...so, I'm stalking you now?"

"I didnt say all that. I mean I dont even know how old you are..."

"Why do you need to?"

I sighed. "Look can you just give an answer to a few questions I have?"

"I'm the one who asks all the questions...but fine."

"How old are you?"

"Old enough."

"Do you have a job?"

"Everyone does."

"How long have you known me?"

"Long enough."

"Why dont you give REAL ANSWER?!" I said sighing and getting slightly frustrated.

"First off, those are answers, just not the ones you want to hear. ANd second you said a FEW questions."

"So, I cant know? That's it?" I asked.

"Yeah pretty much."

"So, why am I fucking you?"

"Because I made it happen."


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

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--Chapter 8...(continued)

I let the the shorts fall to the ground, her body now bare. So I flipped her over under me and pulled off my wifebeater. Then, I kissed her passionately as sweat dripped from my forehead. She gasped for air and squirmed under me, her body a time bomb that just kept ticking...and I was bout to set it off.

I pulled away and watched her bite her lip as i arched myself up on my knees slightly and took off my shorts, revealing her favorite thing to play with. I bit my lip and gave her a smirk saying "You know what you bout to get next, right?" andtrust me she knew, and waited. Something about her this time, it just really gravitated me towrd her, and not physically.

She did have this glow about her though right now. I ddint know what it was but it really made me feel something a bit more than lust...hard to believe when i had a fineass naked chick laying under me, but still. She for this second didnt seem so forceful, like maybe somewhat innocent...but i didnt feel this way for so long..I did, but forgot. I mean I still and drill her yet. And I was madd horny man.

So, I flipped her over again, although her body had a weakness to it already, she'd be fine. I let her body lay up on top of mine. I ran my hand up through her hair and kissed her again. She then sat up and I leaned up a little. I had to hand on for the ride...leterally...so I set my hands on her a$$, but why limit the fun to the bed...I was used to that.

I lifted her body up and sat it on a side table leaning up against the wall.

"What are you doing?" she said out of breath.

"I'm just being a bad boy...so maybe next time, you'll actually use the whip," I said. then I licked my lips.

"Well," she said looking inside a drawer on the table. "..I guess I've been bad too...so who gets arrested?" She ashed, lifted ot a pair of handcuffs.

"Save it for next time.." I said, followed by easing my d*ck into her. I immediately felt the familiar digging of her nails into my skin

"Shhheeeit!" I said, as a reaction to her nails in my skin and her tight walls.

It was hard to beleive she wasnt loose, since she chose a random dude and just decided to seduce, but she did say I was the first guy she done this too..or maybe she just meant first time.

It was too late to think about that, I was drillin her out again. I powerfully banged her body against the wall with each lingering pump and stroke I worked on her. Her hair was a mess already, and I watched the sweat drip down her neck, and her breasts jiggle along with our rythmic motions.

Then I watched her eyes roll back before my began too. My c*ck was extremely swole now, and I could feel my body wanting to excrete my fluid. So it just spilled all out and I heard her let out a breath like "ohhhhh." It musta felt really good to her.

Pretty soon, I had to move on to the fun part at least for me, since i questions how long she hasnt been a virgin, I dont know if she had done this yet.

I lifted her up, and pushed her against the wall. She ran her hands down my chest, lower and lower to my balls and rubbed vigourously. Then I had to pull her hand away.

"Wait girl, I need to save my man's energy," I said, kissin down her neck.

"What for?" she sighed out.

"For a surprise...you know that play, the nutcracker...have you ever used yours?" I asked, grabbing her butt to let her knw that that was what i was talkin about.

"No...but it's beginning to feel alot like Christmas."

I chuckled and turned her around. "You should give me life for this."

"Im an officer, not a judge, ChrISSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!"

I didnt expect a reaction like that, which means...maybe she was a little unexperienced, or it could be that I just had skills, cuz I did. I slammed it between her cheeks and bent down a bit trying to ease the head of my p.ness between her legs.

I succeeded, and let the d*ckhead rise to rub against her lips, back and forth, back and forth, as she cried aloud heavily, in ecstacy and pleasure.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

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--Chapter 8: Mrs. Officer (Role Play)

Now That I Got Yur Full Attention
I Think It's Time You Learned Yur Lesson


So, I guess I had to do exactly what she said int he note. the one the Jungle Chick faxed me. It told me to meet her at our spot, and dress light. I was excited just reading over it. Dress light? That means she didnt wanna waste any time ripping off my clothes, and she usually barely wore any so i had no prollem with what she wore. I prefered but-naked, but for a controlling booty call, she had class.

Then when I got to the little hut thing, there was another note. It said "Lay Down Or Suffer The Consequences". At first, I sat down on the edge of the bed. There was like vines and s*** on the walls and somethind that looked like a trap thing hanging over the bed, like a lattice trap to catch a tresspasser. I was only in a wifebeater, and a shirt with buttons that went over, but i aint had that s*** buttoned. I aint bring no hat, and I wore shorts over my boxers.

I stood up again. I wanted sum consequences, it was code for reward. I heard her voice, but didnt see her.

"Lay down, Chris," she said sensually.

"What if i dont want to?" I said.

Then the door came flinging open. She was in a tight a$$ suit, Police coppish, with sum short a$$ shorts, and her wavy hair hanging out from under her cop hat, hiding her contacts under the rim. She had a vine whip looking thing in her hand.

"who are you supposed to be?" I asked as she slammed the door shut.

"I'm here to arrest you..Mr. Brown," she said as she poked out her a$$ and lifted her hat so i could see into her eyes.

"Naw, you must be my secretary callin me Mr. Brown and s***."

"Nah uh uh, see Chris, you just lost the game. You cant evn guess who I am correctly..mmm..imma have to teach you," she whipped the whip in the air and I heard the snapping sound echo in the room,"a lesson."

She bit her bottom lip and man I was gettin excited like I was bout to go on a roller coaster or something.

"Oooh, Oooooh, teach me a lesson!" I said grinning.

"Stand up!" she ordered me, smiling.

I stood up as she grew a sexy smirk on her face. She told me to spread my arms and legs, so I did. She took a handheld metal detector and stared me directly in the face running it across my arms past me chest. I kind of tried to play along and not cheese too much.

Then she ran it down my body quickly to my legs, bending over a bit to her side so I could catch a glimspe of that a$$ a bit. Then she slowly ran it back up as it made the ringing noise around my crotch area, like in eevry movie and every show. I knew what was coming next...

"Oooh, what? Why is the detector beeping Christopher?" she said piercing my eyes with hers, but holding a slight smile.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Iono-(gco)"

"Hey! Hands back up Mister!" I wanted to laugh, and she did too, but then I put my arms back up like I was told.

"Well, I'm sorry...Mrs...Mrs. officer, but um I do not know why, I think your little detector is malfunctioned or sumthing..."

"Are you saying the detector is wrong? Chris, this is neevr wrong. Now I'm gonna have to frisk you for the suspicious beeping and your attitude...and wipe that smile off your face."

I tired to keep a serious face and it was so funny she knew she wanted to laugh. She through the metal detector on the side of the bed, and then walked back over to me. Then, she started with my left arm and felt up my arm, even though it was a normal sleeved shirt, not long, but then she got behind me and pulled off the button shirt.

She stayed behind there though and ran her hands down my back...all the way down to my a$$, and squeezed a lil bit. I jumped slightly.

"You aight back there Miss?" I asked.

"I Didnt ask you to speak Chris, dont make me bring out the whip again..." she said.

She walked in front of me now, feeling down my chest and up under my wifebeater. Her eyes stayed on mine as again, she skipped my crotch and went staright to my legs. She felt down them, and then slowly made her way back up to my crotch area, letting her fingers linger.

Gently, she began massaging my faithful friend. And pretty much, I think my blood was only circulating around my d***. Then I bit my lip as her strokes got somewhat stronger with more pressure. I heard her hiss and moan lightly like a lil school girl or some s***.

I noted that in my mind for later, since she liked role play and all.

I groaned out a few times and I could tell it was turning her on. I felt it through her touch although I think my c**k was getting a little numb. Man, I ddint know if I could take it, and she couldnt, so sh stood up directly in front of me and ripped off her hat. Then I lifted her up and spread her legs around my waist and I sat back on the bed.

I began kissing her, unbearable to wait..but she sort of pushed back. "Wait, you've been bad, I still gotta punish you..." she said, unsure of herself.

"No, no...I wanna be good to you now, let me, ma," I whispered into her ear. She was the type to be so sure of herself, I aint want her backing out now.

She bit her lip and slowly lifted her head up looking at me and ran her hand down my chest again to my trooper. I guess she aint quite think he was ready to be released into the jungle, so she stroked it and then got stuck on massaging the head. My d***head was burning with desire as she ran her fingers over it in a rounded motion as I bit my lip and let out my maons of approval.

"Damn, girl...shiit.." I let out. She really knew how to control me...but she seemed to lose herself in the process.

She really got into it and I ran my hands over her rounded bottom, squeezing as her touch sent chills throughout my body. She moaned in a higher pitch, louder and louder. Now I knew I could feel it in her body, as an orgasm was setting into her, through her chest and a$$ poked out and the soft and rhythmic vibration of her body.

She breathed heavily and tried to unbutton her outfit, but failed as she continued being overcome by pleaseure. I didnt want her to stop her little fit, because me palm on her behind kept a riding motion on my groin, but i did wanna get down to the nitty gritty no matter how good it felt.

so, I helped her take it of, qiukly taking it off only revealing the bikini top I was used to seeing on her normally. I ripped that off too. Folowed by those tight little booty shorts...that i discovered wet, as I suspected, when I pulled them down.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:35 pm

--Chapter 6...(continued)

That was pretty bitter of her. Wasnt my fault she aint want what a whole bunch of chicks in the office had a chance with.

"What?" I asked.

"Yeah, Mr. Brown, no offense, but you're pretty much out there with the ladies," she said, and then taking a bite of her salad.

I leaned back in y chair. "OH really, why dont you just say I'm a man-whore?"

"Sorry, but I aint say that. And that could get me fired, but since you're trying to be friends and all, I'll be honest, yes you a doorknob cuz half of the chicks in our office hav e had a turn. You dont respect yourself because you let them treat you like a piece of meat, and feel on you like there's not tomorrow. And oh yeah, you treat barry like a second banana sometimes and let jealousy get in the way when he does the same to you. You're into my business too much, pushy, and slightly self-absorbed. Just being honest." Oh no she didnt. I swear, I was ready to yell your fired, but I didnt want everyone looking ta outr table. And then I thought about it. If this hostility was going to end, I had to retaliate.

"Okay, for one, Imma be honest. You talk about your boring life too uch, your wardrobe gets on my last damn nerve, I feel like ripping your hair out of a bun, I fel like sending you to get a makeover, you have nothing to do with your time so your're all up in mine and you aint got s*** to say about me and barry cuz he been my best friend for years. Oh yeah, and whatever you think you know about me and relationships with people you dont."

"Oh I dont know? Arent I the one who has to spend all day with you at work? I knew when you took one chick out to dinner and where, I knew why you had me cover for you at the Christmas party last year when you were in the hall closet, and Iaint doing that again. Im your personal assistant, aint i supposed to know s***. And you know what else Iknow, I know I'm tired of sitting in your office when you have nothing for me to do and you talk about how good you thinky ou look, because you aight but not all that Chris!"

Somehow, just i dont know how, but she was right. She was right about everything..and it slightly turned me on, but bsides that, I couldnt believe she called me Chris, but i got back to arguing before i realized that.

"You know what, I dont know why I tried to be nice to you. Maybe because I felt sorry for you, or maybe because I feel like you need to be hanging with a dude like me cuz you never have confidence in yourself, maybe its because I dont know how, but in some weird a$$ way, I like you...and maybe its cuz your right and Im wrong, but I was ready to fire you 2 seconds ago---Did you call me Chris?"

She looked pissed off and confused by half of the things I just said. I couldnt believe half of it either. She looked around in her shy way again feeling awkward and then put her hands in her face like her needed time to think.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Brown, I lost my composure, that wasnt supposed to happen. I dont take constructive critism very well," she said in a quieter voice like hse was embarassed. She dint have to be.

"Trust me, I worked with you for two years now, I know your strenghts and weaknesses--" Why did that sound familiar. Why did I say that, and where did I hear it from?

"What else were you gonna say, Mr. Brown?" I shook my head out of thought.

"Um, nothing. Look, Asia, I didnt mean what I said, I mean I meant what i said, I mean....all the stuff at the end was true, some of the stuff in the middle was out of anger. I dont want to argue with you anymore. now I see why you always want things professional. I'll work on some things."

"Okay...maybe, I'll work on some things too, Mr. Brown," She said. And I kinda cracked a smile. I was tempted to get her pissed again, so she could call me Chris, but no, she was already back to Mr. Brown. I kind of liked it though.

When I said I was going to work on a few things, I must've meant it, because the waitress returned to our table 4 more times and I only looked at her once...I did however keep the number she slid me witht he check...I mean I was going to take my change one step at a time.

Then, I offered to take Asia to the movies, but she said no. probably cuz it seemed too much like a date. So I was dropping her off at her apartment.

"So, what are you doing tomorrow?" I asked her.

"...nothing, actually," she said. I could tell she either was going to lie to me first or she felt bad for what I said earlier that she aint got nothing to do.

"Well, I'll call you--(gco)"

"Mr. Brown, I dont th-(gco)" I placed my finger over her lips, which were cold and called my lips to warm them up...but it wasnt right.

"Fareal, come on, you cant call me Chris? aight, if you dont want to, I gotta respect that, I guess I'm too pushy, but I just wanna call you to see if I could come up with something for tomorrow. Good nite, A."

"Good night, Mr. Brown...oh, and my name is Asia," she said smirking and then closed her apartment door.

--Chapter 7: She Keep It On And Poppin'


So, I guess me and Asia may have started something that could end up being a beautiful relationship...but there was other issues, I couldnt control myself.

I didnt know what it was, I shouldnt have said I was going to change because it was harder than I thought. Especially since it was almost like I had 2 assistants now...Asia and Dani.

Asia was my assistant for so long, and she had the experience, so she did all the long hard, boring paperwork, besides, I knew she was one of the only people i could trust. Then dani, since she did the small stuff..the first half of the day, the ENTIRE first half, she had to stay in my office room.

And sorry to Asia, but she really had it going on. I mean sexy glistenin light brown skin. She even switched up her clothing. She wore her hair down at times, she had it pulled back, even a ponytail, not a bun! Then her tops...they mostly were all white and gray, I mean this was a business, everyone usually wore those colors, but hse also wore pink and had short cut sleeves and long sleeves. Then, her skirts. her skirts were always shorter than her knees except for maybe 3 times if I was counting right. She was really cute...and I enjoyed looking, but i couldnt do more than look and think because i was trying to change.

"Mr. Brown, um, when is my lunch today?" Dani said. I was too busy staring her up and down in my trance that I almost aint notice she said something at first.

"Hhmm, what? Oh, are you done witht he scheduling?" I asked as I acted like I was engaged into something on the computer.

"Yes, sir. I finished just now."

"Um, you can call me Chris, Dani. And you can go on your lunch anytime, I was just checking if you were done."

"Okay, thanks...Chris." Man, I thought she was just as shy as Asia, but Asia still held the crown. Speaking of Asia....

"Oh, hi Dani. Hello, Mr. Brown," Asia said as she walked into my office. I dont know what it was, but something seemd different about her. Was it something that I had seen before?...
Naw, it wasnt...her hair...was in...a ponytail.

And damn, she wasnt wearing a wool gray skirt, but a cotton white one. Damn.

"Hello, Asia. I'm going on lunch," Dani said, and left my office.

I still looked at Asia. No! why did i have thoughts about my nerdy secretaries, I was cooped up in ther too much or something.

"H-hey Asia...um did you, um...do something with..your hair?" I asked.

She stayed looking down at her blackberry. "um, yes, I did...you noticed." DUHH! Damn, I see you everytime you walk into my office, dang.

"Yeah. You should wear it like that more often, it looks nice."

"Thankyou, Mr. Brown." It got quiet, no conversation.

"So, someone's birthday is only 2 weeks away. Any excitement?"

"Oh, yeah, I-I guess I kind of forgot. It's just another year passing by...you know."

"Mmmhmm, sure...so what do you want for your bitrthday, ma?" She looked up at me.

"What? I dont want anything." Why she was frontin? She know she wanted something, I couldnt figure out what.

"Come on, I wanna get you something, we friends, come on. You want a CD, jewelry, money, a hat..." She chuckled.

"Naw, I'll pass on the hat Chr--Mr. Brown."

"You say that, but Immafigure something out. So, you went to lunch yet?"

"Nope, not yet."

"You want me to take you somewhere or get you something?" I knew she'd say no, but I had to ask anyway.

So, I mean, what type of chick did I want? She was so shy and independent, I mean really independent. I mean it wa a new year, we was past half way through January and she still didnt change, except for the ponytail. And yet I really didnt change much either. Ever since weeks prior when I said I would, I didnt.

And that Jungle Chick, which was my official name for her now, I still went to see her, but I hadnt hit that in two weeks. I mean she was wayy different. Sh etook control of me, and I mean she was never shy, not really, more like shady, but I liked it, because she gave me what I wanted...and I think I was gonna want something coming up the following weekend.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

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--Chapter 5...(continued)

Later on...I think it was about time off me to leave, not take up the girl's time for the whole weekend. I was putting on my shirt and s***, and she actually put on real clothes. Some shorts and a wifebeater. I was undoing the laces to my sneaks as I was sitting down and she came up behind me.

"Why you leaving so soon, Chris? I know you have no plans for the weekend," she spoke into my ear.

"Man if you wasnt so damn sexy, I'd get a restraining order on yur stalkerish a$$...which I enjoy very much by the way," I said.

She wrapped her arms around my chest and started nibbling on my ear. I aint had no prollem with it. "Come on, Chris, tell me why you dont wanna stay with me..."

"Mmmm...girl stop playin around,...my ears are vulnerable spots," So she moved on to my neck,".....not there either, ma...."

She sucked hard,...I wondered if she gave good brai-- yeah forget it. Anyway, it felt like she was tryna leave her mark or sumthin.

"You better not leave no hickey, girl," I said. " work in a rpofessional atmosphere, I dont want to be questioned..."

"Oh, please, you dont want gossip about, you. Please, how do you think I know about, you, I know who you been with, I know your strengths..." She kissed my lips and sucked on my bottom lip,"...and your weaknesses."

She stared at me with those lipid pools of hypnotic hazel. Damn, she was good.

I looked up at the horizon over the beach at the sunset. Talk about some day? Aint you supposed to get all romantic first, and then get all freak nasty? It aint really matter to her, and I liked that...she got to business first, which was pure pleasure. And now, the sunset, I mean wasnt I suppoed to be oing everything for her, I aint mind her doing s*** for me though, she wouldnt if she didnt want to.

We started walking through the jungle again, seeing th flowers bright colors still glow in the dark. She stayed hugged up on me and I had my arm around her. Then we reached my car. I opened it for some light a little bit.

"So, I mean, when's the next time I'm gonna see you?" I asked her as I ran my fingers through her wavy hair.

"Whenever you need to, and I fell like getting what I want. Bye, Chris...,"She said witout a kiss. Uh uh, I dont play dat.

"What happened to this?" I pulled her into my and layed one on her, tasing her taste buds with my tounge until the next time we'd meet.
--Chapter 6: Could Be the Beginning Of A Beautiful Relationship


I relaxed and actually got sleep that nite...in my soft comfortable bed that I ended up humping in my sleep. I had another dream, and I actually liked it, I really did. What happened, I wanted to happen for a while, but I felt somewhat bad considering I had somewhat of a relationship with the jungle chick.

I the morning, I took a cold shower...again, so that my wee wee could go down a bit from the excitement of my dream. I ddint know what to do the rest of the weekend. I really aint plan to be with the jungle chick the whole time, but barry was off on sum business trip..allegedly. I think it was code for travelling to a condo with one of his booty calls...lucky man.

I went to my fridge to get sum gatorade...I had a drop left. Then I wanted to make a sandwich, I was outta bread. So, I decided to go to the store, maybe pick up a few more numbers for the book.

I went, and got my s***, and some lemonade too, I was feenin it with what was on my mind...well, WHO was on my mind. And I decided not to go straight home for some reason. I dawned off to an apartment building that I had been to ONCE in the recent past. I brought up the lemonade...as a ghetto peace offering.

I knocked on the door.

"Umm...can I help you, Mr. Brown?" Asia said.

"Oh, uhh yeah, I kind of wanted to apologize for earlier during the week. We wasnt seeing eye to eye at work, and there shouldnt be that animosity," I said, slightly noticing and admiring that she was actually in jeans, and a shirt, no business casual...but her hair, still in the annoying bun, and her make up still being limited to lip gloss, but she looked alright as usual.

"You um...couldnt call me, or wait until work after the weekend, Mr. Brown?" I looked down at the lemonade bottle and pushed it out in front of me.

"Uhh...well I wanted to give you sum lemonade," I said as she raised an eyebrow.

"Okay...," she said while chuckling. "Thankyou...have a nice weekend, Mr. Brown. See you-(gco)"

"Wait, um, I also kinda wanted to see if your not busy. I mean honestly, I have absolutely no plans for the weekend."

"What about Mijo?"

"He on a business trip.." She laughed.

"Business trip? Yeah, okay..."

"So I mean, do you uh...wanna chill or something, if you aint busy? I mean, maybe let me in?"

"Mr. Brown, I-(gco)"

"Look, foreal, I know I'm your boss, but come on. Dont sit here and act like you really got plans, you always say you aint doing nuthing, and I'm not right now either. i'm trying to be friends with you, then maybe confrontation at work will happen less. If you dont want this, then fine, but I mean we should do something if we aint busy. What do you say?"

She was quiet no matter what I guess, I noticed that even more as we rode in my car. She had her arms crossed as if she hated what was around her, like it all sucked, or maybe she was uncomfortable, didnt wanna be there. And she just looked out the window, bored with what was out there, but more interested in outside then inside the car.

I turned up the music to drown out the silence. "Shawty Is a Ten" was on. I rocked to it as I drove, and slightly ang the words a bit, kept lookin at her every now and then to see if she was lookin at me. Then she was, but turned her head...like I aint notice. And I looked at her trying not to smile as she looked outside the window.

I sang loud on purpose,"If she fix you eggs and grits in the mornin, you should tip her, you should tip her!!!!"

She shook her head and laughed. "Wow," she said still laughing.

"Wow, what?" I said, smiling.

"Uh, your singing..."

"Oh yeah, you aint know I had a voice like that huh? you better recognize, there's alot of things you dont know bout this nigga." She giggled.

"Okay...so you ca sing, wow."

"Just one of the many surprises I'm full of."

"Oh, yur full of it alright."

"Ohhh, so you comin with the punchlines now, huh?" I looked at her and she gave me a playful glare lookin me up and down.

"So um, where are we going?"

"Where do you wanna go?" She sighed, like hse was about to think.

"I dont know...where are we going?"

"Damn, impatient. We going to one of my favorite places...." I aid as I pulled into the parking lot of one of my favorite restaurants.

"Olive Garden?" She said as she read the vibrant colored sign.

"Yeah, aint you seen the commercials, they got some new chessecake...hell yeah."

She laughed at me. I walked around to her side to open her door, but she already stepped out.

"I can open a car door for myself, thankyou, Mr. Brown."

And she said the same thing for the door to th restaurant, and when I was gonna pull out her chair. I mean damn, can I do sumthing for the chick?

And we were sitting down now. The waitress sort of caught my attention. That a$$ was fat, I mean girl had basketballs or sumthin stuffed up in thurr. Naw, some pillows or sumthing, really firm and soft pillows...and she wasnt even black, looked hispanic or sumthing, yeah dey got the curves. I kept ooking.

"So, are you guys thirsty or do you need some time?" she said in a voice with a hint of Puerto Rican accent.

"Umm...I'm not ready to order..." I heard someone say...Asia.

"What about you, sir?" the waitress said looking staraight at me. Damn!

"Hmm...what? Oh! The...oh, naw I aint ready to order just yet, but I do know there are alot of fresh...succulent dishes on the menu, and I aint even got to look at it to know," I said. She bit her lip.

"Oh, okay, I'll be back..." and she walked away.

I watched her hips all the way until she disappeared from my sight. I heard Asia sigh and fold her arms, looking around uncomfortable again.

"What's wrong?" I asked her, starting conversation.

"Nothing, Mr. bRown. I'm okay," She said.

"Are you sure, you seem a little...not here right now?"

"I'm fine, I said. Umm, so, what are you getting?"

"Well, they got some new chicken thing or sumthing, I want sum chicken. What about you?"

"I dont know," she said going through the menu as her glasses once again hung on the rim of her nose. She pushed them up as she talked. "I'm not really all that hungry."

"Come on, get something. Anything on here, get like 5 tours of Italy, its cool."

"Um, no thankyou."

"Come on girl, I got it covered, aight?"

She lightly laughed. "No, forreal, I aint all that hungry...and you dont have to pay for my food."

"Why, I took us here?"

She just sighed, annoyed. I guess she didnt wanna get into it. Why she acted like this? I had no idea. She got some lemonade for a drink, and I decided to get some too. I knew that lemonade was a good choice as a peace offering.

Once again, I stared at the waitress everytime she came by. Her booty was just so right, and so out there. I mean the jungle chick, hers was aight, I mean I liked it. It was definitely not even close, not even to the biggest ones I seen, but this Spanish chick was one of the biggest asses I seen.

Then she brought out the salad and breadsticks.

"You want grated cheese over it, Mister..." she asked.

"Brown. Chris Brown. What yo name is?" I asked.

"I'm Rosa," she said rolling her 'r' a bit.

"Oooh, Rosa....I like. Well, I want some grated cheese, ma."

"Coming right up, papi."

She diliberately reached over me, her cleavage all up in my view. She had the rack game up too, damn. She kept grating the cheese all over the salad. Then she put breadsticks on the table.

"These breasticks came from a special batch, they are little more GRANDE than usual, and I made sure they were nice and WARM..you like it like that, Chris?"

I nodded my head at her like a robot. "Yes, I like, I like it alot."

So she walked away, and my breadstick was burning up...and up. Then I looked to Asia real quick who was staring at me like "WTF?"

"What happened?" I asked.

"I dont know," She said.

"Oh, aight."

So I started eating, devouring the food like magic. I was hingrier thena mug man. And as I was eating. I looked at Asia, kind of wondering exactly why I was here with her. The last time my d*** felt like how it did, it was earlier that morning when I dreamed about her. And I mean I really liked what i dreamt, it was sum good s***.

Maybe I kinda wanted to get to know Asia more, like more than just my secretary, forreal. I mean who knew where it could lead. I didnt see how I was feeling her though. I felt like she did have a cool personality though, she was really smart, and a damn good hardworker. But I looked at her. I mean we was out, on almost a date, and she still had her hair up in a bun, the same bun since the internship before she started working for me. I wanted to know if her hair was long, or short.

And I mean I kind of was annoyed with her glasses, wasnt nothing wrong with them, just the ame routine. She looks down all the time, then when she talks she pushes them up if she's looking at someone to see clearly. And still, nothing but lip gloss, she was kiling me. She reall y only considered me her boss, and i was taking her out now.

"Hey, how long is your hair?" I asked, thinking out loud.

"Um, excuse me?" She said.

"I mean I'm just wondering. We hanging out now, ad you look and act exactly the same as if you were working, and your not."

"Well you acting just as much as a dog as you do at work."

"What does that mean?"

"Your eyes some how made your way into Rosa's clothes, for one. Just liKe it did with Myla, Mani, Shayla, Cyd, and the rest of the girls at work, right?"


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

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--Chapter 5...(continued)

I slid down her shorts that were already unbuttoned. I continued to hold her up, afraid she might fall, straight on my lap, but what a great thing to fall on huh? Then I slid down the what was keeping me from giving her head even better than the last time we met.

"Uhh, no, nasty, you wait until I get down from here!" She said to me in a voice ready to crack, like she was bout to fall. I just chuuckled.

"I do beleive it's my turn to do what I want." I said back to her in a smart tone.

"Did I tell you it was?"

I chuckled out a bit. "Who cares if you did, I say it is."

I did what i wanted to do, and I'm talking about chewing on the puddin like a peice of bubble yum. I heard her moaning from being hovered above. I aint know why she fronted like this was only to please me. After tounging it out with her below the waist, I had to work my way back up.

She was going to fall anyway, but i gently took her down, placing her onto my lap as the jolt of her thick body made contact with me. I fell back slightly, my back almost fully hitting the hammock, which was large, I mean seriously. If she reallly wanted to please me, she couldve invited a few more guests, there was definitely room for more.

I kept her on her knees spread around me, just so I had to reach between her thighs to unzip my shorts. As I did, I couldnt help but brush my hands past her sensative spot, that i had nearly beat up completely. I pulled my shorts down as I kissed down her neck and relieved her of her bikini in my way of massaging her upper body with one of my greatest assets, my tounge. I tounge kissed down her body sloppily as she ran her hands up my chest.

Positioning myself correctly on the hammock, I felt it swing from side to side as i layed her down only to climb on top. And right now, it was just killing me, I mean the amount of uneasiness in my body became so intense. And it was only because as I stuck my fingers into her wet cavity, she slowly ran her fingers over my diick. I groaned so low in her ear, and breathed hard. I mean she was really workin her fingers like magic.

I couldnt take it anymore. Time to get what I came for.

"Stop playing around, girl..." I whispered in her ear.

"I'm not the one playin,"she said in that seductive voice.

She let go of my friend, who now had a mind of his own. Without warning, I was in. Immediately, I felt her tight grip on my arms. I began the game I was skilled in, pumping,...more like thrusting.

And that wasnt even enough for her.

She gripped the back of my head. "Chris I know you can go so much harder than that..."

She aint know who she was messing with. I made it harder and faster, I mean to the point that whether or not the hammock was going to fall from the two trees that kept it up. I was banging it in like a hammer pounding a hole in the wall. I mean it got to the point where to cool down, I just humped her like doing push ups without stopping before I hit the ground.

When it was all said and done, I just needed to chill, and she had no problem doing so. Three hours of turning out, the best lunch I ever had.
I layed there, taking in the fragrence of her hair. She smelled so good, even after sex. And I mean every last spot on her body was sweating when I gave it to her. I ran my hand down her arm, caressing it softly while I stared up into the bright sky. She really knew how to brighten a day.

I kissed her forhead. She set her hand on my chest.

"Hey, Chris, reach over on the other side of the hammock for the blanket?" She sounded so relaxed, out of energy, but like her stress was temporarily released, thanks to me of course.

"What for, ma? I like the way you look like this," I said smiling to myself.

"Excuse me? You better listen to me, I wanna cover up, make for damn sure you can control yourself insteead of staring so hard."

"Hard doesnt begin to descube me right now." She giggled and smacked me in the head.

I reached over and picked up a folded blanket as a light breeze swept across our naked bodies. I unfolded the blanket over us, mostly her. Then I lightly kissed her lips, and a lil more...then a lil more, but stopped. She closed her eyes and began to drift off into a nap. I kept my arm around her and still stared up into the sky.

It was calming, stimulating, like her. It slowly made me drift off into sleep, cutty would do that to you.

--Hours Later:

I moved around in the hammock, having a dream. I just sturred in my sleep. I dream, in mid-day? I was trippin. As far as what happened? You really dont need to know about that. I woke up from the tossing and turning. I was breathing hard, and had a boner that irritated me like hell. I just took a deep breath, and layed there, ready to close my eyes again, my body was out of it.

I mean it was like I felt so good, that I was almost num, that girl was an addicrion to me. That girl....she wasnt there. I didnt feel her, smell her, hear her sweet breathing from when she slept...she wasnt there. I sat up quickly, and looked around, and around, I even had a stupid reflex to look up, but she want there either.

However...she was clever. This girl dun left a damn trail of our clothes, almost like we were bout to do it in a hotel, but the clothes came off before we even got to the bed. I wasnt stupid, I got the hint to follow them, and then I'd get to her. I had to keep the blanket with me though, you never know what was lurking out in the jungle to molest the fine specimen that I am.

I walked, following the clothes, and picking them up along the way. Thank God it was only leaves and not dirt or I'd be going home in a blanket. I got to around her little hut thing, but heard running and splashing water right outside of it.

My eyes started from the bottom, where i saw the water run off the wooden bottom surface, and feet standing on it. then there was a wooden door connected, like a stall, but it cut off all th way up to the middle of her face. and as I still looked up, I saw the shower head. I tried to walk silently, so she wouldnt hear me. I moved up behind her.

"I was wondering when you were gonna wake up. You didnt get alot of sleep last night?" she said as she slowly turned around and smiled at me while I was still gazing at the water pouring on her body.

"You aint no fun. You couldve at least acted like you didnt see or hear me coming," I said. I walked up closer, and rested my hand on the top of the wooden stall door. "And I did get a good night's sleep. And a nap, woulda been better if you stayed longer...oooh, damn." I got a closer look of her body...I just wanted to hop in that shower with her.

"Aint I told you to quit starring?...Hey stop, this kitty kat dont want you."

"s***t, f*** dogs and cats, we can play lions and tigers and bears, oh my. I know you waiting to see my Wizard, huh lil Dorothy?" She chuckled and shooke her head, getting some water splashed on me.

"You are so damn lame..."

"I'll show yo a$$ lame if you dotn stop splashin me." She did again.

"What you gon do?" I bit my lip.

"I might have to come in there."

"I aint stopping you."

I undin the clasp to the little door and hopped in.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

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--Chapter 5: Entangled In Vines


It was Saturday again. I put on a tee, some shorts, and a hat again, to meet my bust it baby at the same spot. I got there after hours of driving, once again. I was sweating my a$$ off waiting for that girl to hurry up. I stayed posted against my car, with my shirt now over my shoulder as I was in my wife beater.

I got a call.

"Hello?" Then I heard her voice again.

"Hello, Chris. Are you here yet?" What kind of question was that?

"I was here 20 minutes ago, ma. I'm sweatin bullets waiting." I listened closely and heard leaves rustling in the background from her end of the phone.

"Aww, poor baby. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" Yeah chick, get your a$$ out here, we can f*** in my car for all I care, I just aint standin out here in the hott sun.

"Is this a trick question?"

"Oh, Chris. Just because you do what I say doesnt mean i trick you, I'm seducing you..." She purred in my ear. As much as PSYCHO was written all over her actions and words, i still wanted it.

"So, are you coming to get me?"

"You're a big boy, come find me yourself if you want it that bad." She hung up the phone. I headed toward the jungle and entered it.

Beleive it or not, it was a really beautiful day, better than the week before, I just made it worse with my attitude. I was stressed out, though. Asia was pissin me off. I tried to clear work out of my mind, though. It was weird hearing al these animals making sounds and s***, but I mean it went together well. The sun was shining, the sky was a shade of straight light blue.

I breathed in the fresh air, and heard music in the background, slow like , but it wasnt even close to were the sand to the beach started. I opeend up some leaves and walked into something set up...I guess for me.

That jungle chick was sitting on a hammock and her face lit up at the sight of me. It looked king of closed out with a fencish looking thing around in a circular edge. There was something that looked like a shower or sumthing, the hammock, which was huge, and vines hung perfectly down on it all. There was a table too, all decoarated.

I walked closer, and SHE got up, this time in shorts that actually reached her knees, and yet she still had on a bikini for a top.

"This all for me?" She got up and walked toward me.

"See, I knew you were a smart one. OF course this is for you."

"Really, but I thought I had to do what you day to get what I want?" I smiled and she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah you do, but when you give me what I want, you should get rewarded." She bit her lip and looked me staright in the eyes. For once, she didnt waste any time pressing our lips together, but as soon as I tried to slip my tounge in, she pulled away. I knew I couldnt have my cake and eat it too.

She dragged my hand to the table and we both sat down.

"So, what's this about?" I asked.

"Uhh, we're having lunch, duh."

"You can cook?" She sucked her teeth and gave me a quick glare. I chuckled.

"Yes, I can."

"So, are we having snakes, or a slab of lion cooked medium rare. Oh, how bout my favorite, parrot, witht he beak still on it."

"I swear, you are the corniest man I have ever met. Leave the talking to me, please." She brought me a plate of shrimp, lookin straight from one of my favorite resturaunts.

"What's this? looks like you stopped by Red Lobster."

"That's beaccuse I did." I chuckled, and tossed a shrimp into my mouth.

"I thought you said you could cook."

"I could, dont mean I felt like cooking. You aint that special."
I took a sip of whatever s*** was sitting there...lemonade.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

She shook her head. "You ask too many questions."

"Now you started to sound like my secretary."

She raised her eyebrow to that. She sat there watching me eat now, like she was thinking. She ate like 4 shrimps and that was it. i saw her sip lemonade a few times, and nothing else. She still looked at me like she was waiting for something.

I finished eating and she cleaned up my s***. She ekpt looking at me, though. I felt slightly awkward. I sighed.

"What's wrong, Chris?" She asked.

"You staring at me all weird like, I mean wassup?"

"I dont know. Is work stressing you out?"

"Oh, well yeah. Kind of why I called you."

"Yeah. I guess. What is it at work?" I chickld.

"Okay, someone's interested. I thought you knew all about me."

"Just answer." She smiled and acted like she really wanted to know.

"I dont know. Work type things."

"Okay, forget I asked." I chuckled.

"what? I just told you."

"No, you just lied because you afraid."

"Afraid of waht?"

"Nothing. It's okay. Dont tell me, how your life is going. I do already know you, so I do already know what's going on." She got up and strolled towrd the hammock. "But, of course, if you dont tell me what's wrong...then I cant fix it." She said that as she unbuttoned her shorts.

I walked over to her. Moving around the vines hitting my head along the way. She dodged them eaier because she wasnt as tall as I am. I plopped down by her.

"SO, I cant get nun just cuz I aint tellin you all my personal business?" She continued staring up at the sky.

"Yes. Do i have to recite my rules again? You give me what I want and you'll get what you want."

"Naw, but that's a one-way street. You know a bunch of s*** about me, but I dont know anything about you."

"You're not supposed to."

"So, would you let me know if you're some paycho chick, or a mass murderer in disguise." She giggled.

"Yes, I'd let you know. There's not much about me to know. Let's just say you know pretty much everything right now." I rubbed my temples. She confused me. I started to really wonder about her, like harder than before. But why should I care if I'm just in it for one thing?

I layed there, her too. She kept staring at the sky still, a sense of peace and yet hidden irritation too. I dont know why. This wasnt no relationship, it's just having fun because she wanted to. I did still want conversation, especially if wasnt gonna do anything, and at this point, it seemed like that.

"How often do you want to do this?" She turned her head towrds me.


"I mean like, last week, i almost thought this was a one time deal. Now I'm here again."

"Seriously, are you that slow? You called me this time. You have stress, your here so that I could take it away. What more is there to it? Dont overthink the art of seductive euphoria."

"That's a colorful vocabulary. You graduated from Harvard or something?" I smiled at her. She smiled back.

"Nice try. Can you just try to enjoy the day, you seem so tense, i cant work under such tensu=ion."

"Me? You wont quit talking."

"You wont quit asking questions."

"You know what would make me shut up?" I didnt even wait for her to answer. I scooted closer to her on the ahmmock. She siaghed and said "Chr-(gco)", but I cut her off with my tounge in her mouth. I dont know why she said I was tense. I could tell she had soemsort of stress. Her plan may have been to take mine away, but I was planning on doing the same for her.

I ran my hand down her body as I continued kissing her. I set my hands at her hips to sit her on my lap. We stopped kissing. I leaned up and let her take my wife beater off, letting it fall in the dirt and leaves. Our heads kept hitting a vine as we started kissing again. During every kiss, I rocked her body on my lap, just for my own pleasure. I was about to take off her shorts when she held her finger to my lip.

"Hold on..." she whispered as I looked into her eyes.

She grabbed ahold of the vine above her as I hllped her hlding her body upright.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:27 pm

--Chapter 4...(continued)

I heard that Asia took a late lunch so i wanted to go see what was up with her, just being frinedly.


I walked into the little lounge/cafeteria at the office. Jenel, Zananba, and Corrin were already sitting down. They were enjoying their conversation.

"Hey, Asia. Girl, what took you so long?" Corrin said through her laughter.

I continued pouring myself lemonade in a cup from my can i got from the fridge. "I was working, uh, duh."

"Working? Now you know yo a$$ was not working. Chris did all the work for you."

"There is always work to be done," i said with a smirth on my face.

I sat down by Jenel, across from Zanaba and Corrin.

"That s*** was funny as f***, though. Barry is such a dumbass!" Corrin said.

"No, what was funny was Chris this morning." Jenel, and Corrin bursted out in laughter when Zanaba said that. I laughed too, not as hard, though. I've seen Mr. Brown cheeze enough after he got some.

"That nigga was grinning from ear to ear. I wonder what he was doing over the weekend!" Corrin said.

"He was smiling brighter than his complexion. Which is hard considering he's a glow stick." They continued laughing. I had to say that. I couldnt let somewhat of a joke pass me by.

The laughter calmed down enough to talk. "So, Asia, what did you do over the weekend?"

"If I did something, I'm sure you would've kown. You know I dont have anything to do, Corrin."

"Hey, you wanna switch jobs, hater?" I raised an eyebrow like the Rock would, at Jenel.

"What for?"

"Because you get to work with Chris all day, duh."

"And you think you could have something with him if you work that close with him?"

"Totally Asia, like how'd ya know?" We both laughed.

"You supposed to keep the workplace professional. I aint trading my job, I get paid more."

"You wasnt saying that at internship. You suck eggs."

"A grown woman telling me I suck."

"We have an excuse, we still 19, genius."

"Well you suck big ones."

"No, I suck Chris ones."

I awlays enjoyed jokes about Mr. Brown, only because I probably knew him better than most people in the office. They were rarely anything bad, though. Nearly every hoe, or chick in the office would not turn my boss down, but he was MY boss, so I would. Or maybe that wasnt the only reason why.


I tried to hurry. I lost track of time doing nothing all day. I rushed to the lounge, but of course, someone had to get in my way.

"Hey,Chris, wassup?" I kept walking.

"Yeah, yeah, hey Cyd." She tugged on my arm.

"Um, excuse me. I was talking to you."

"Um, excuse me, Cyd-Ney, I was walking somewhere."

"Well I need to talk to you, problem?" I sighed.

"What?" She tugged on the wrist of some girl. She had her hair almost shoulder length, glasses, and looked awkward and nervous. Reminded me of someone.

"Chris, this is Dani. Dani, this is Chris." I stuck out my hand for the girl to shake it, and she did.

"Hello, nice to meet you Mr. Brown, I've heard alot about you and your work." I smiled at her in a welcoming way.

"It's nice to meet you too. And yes, I'm proud of what we do here. Oh, and please, call me Chris." Then as soon as I was going to turn back toward my destination, Cydney still held me back.

"Wait. You dont even know why she's here. She was told she could come here to be a secretary for you, but since Miss Continent already has that, she'll be working in one of the cubicles out here and maybe assisting Asia with her assistance to you."

"I dont need to assistants, no offense." I looked at Dani, who just watched our conversation.

"wEll, that's her job position, fair enough?" Again I sighed.

"Okay, yeah, whatever." Cydney walked closer to my and grasped my hand.

"Why the long face, Christopher, you were all smiley this morning?"

"Well it wore off during the day." She leaned up to whisper in my ear.

"Well, I can put a grin back on that face." I felt her hand squeeze my a$$. Was it like a ritual witht hese women, always feeling on me, whispering in my ear, touching my face, my d***, my a$$?...I wasnt complaining really, but I eman it was demeaning.
walked into the lounge to hear lughter emmidiately die down within the four ladies who sat at the table. I walked in with somewhat of a smile, but Corrin and Zanaba eyed me. I could feel them burning a hole through my clothes. I felt as embarassed as the time I came to work in ym underwear...okay maybe not. That time was not embarrasssing, it got me so much play.

I went to the fridge and grabbed a gatorade. I opened it seeing the ladies in my peripheral (dude how do you spell dat joint?) vision. I heard them whisper faintly, about something, but I didnt know. I sat in a chair.

"So....Ladies...wassup?" They again gazed at me. I could tell Corrin was trying to hold in a laugh, Jenel too.

"Hey, Chris." They all, except Asia, said in unison. Asia sat there and shook her head with a smile on her face thinking her friends were crazy. I thought so too.

"Aint gon say hi to me, huh, ma?" They all looked at me while I said it, but I looked at Asia. then they all looked at her and she looked at them.

"What?" She said with an annoyed/pissed-to-be-singled-out look on her face.

Corrin held her bottle of iced-tea in hand, and Zanaba did the same with ehr soda.

"Uhhh, we're leaving," Zanaba said as she and Corrin stood up. "Come on Jenel."

"Why i gotta leave?" Jenel asked.

"Did I tell you you could ask questions, get ya a$$ up, we goin."

She sighed and waved to me as she followed them out.

"Wait, dont leave!" Asia called after them, but it was just her and I now.

I looked at her, not realizing how long I stared, but I did. And I noticed it slightly made her uncomfortable when she started whistling an unknown tune.
"Umm, I think my break is over. I will see you when you need me Mr. Brown." She was about to walk out.

"Wait!" She turned around and looked at me.


"Uhh..." I dont know what I wanted to say. there was something about her, something so different and yet so familiar. "You um, wanna do something later?" What the ehll did I ask that for?

"Uhh, what for Mr. Brown?" I didnt know maybe I was feelin her.

"Like...chill. Hang out or something, maybe at y place or, I mean, wherever you wanna go..?" I said it like a question to myself. I almost for some reason aint realize I was saying all this, my mind confusing me.

"No, but thankyou anyway, Mr. Brown."

What the hell was that? I chick...in this office...just turned me down? It tripped me out. I tried not to care, thinking about maybe getting a new secretary. that was just a reflex of being denied, though, but a secretary who wanted to fool around or at least have a friendship with me would be nice.

The next few days was the same damn way. I mean Asia comes to work, works, ignores all the s*** that involves me, and she leaves.

Oh yeah, and she actually pays attention to Barry.

I was going to walk into his office when I saw Asia swoop by my door into his office. I couldnt help but listen over.

"Hey wassup, ma?" I heard barry say.

"Nothing, B." B? "So, how are you? What you doing?"

"Going through some files. Ay I need to talk to you 'bout something."

"Aight, sure."

"Why you treating Chris like s***?" Whoa, he just went out and asked her. I was more anxious to hear what she would say.

"What do you mean? Mr. Brown? I do exactly what he says, he is my boss." No duh, chick.

"Yeah, but like dont he wanna chill witchu? I mean I know he's been asking you out-(gco)

"Asking me out? Uhh, no, Mr. Brown has been asking me to chill with him outside of work. Asking out, not the right way to put it."

"Uhh, I aint stupid, and I know you aint. He asked you on a date and you know it."


"so, why you keep turning him down?" that's what the f*** I was wondering.

"Look, either Mr. Brown isnt serious, or he just thinks I'm like the rest of the women who work here, and I aint the same okay. Assisting this man for two years can help me learn a few things about him." what does that mean?

"He still my nigga. Who says he's just playing around, you dont beleive he could actually like you?" LIKE wasnt exactly the word. I mean I knew she seemed to be the type who wanted a monogamous relationship with me, but Imean she aint even want that it seeemed at times. She was just so bottled up. Maybe all I wanted to do was release some of that pressure.

"Seriously, i dont think so."

"So your saying he a bad guy?"

"I didnt say all of that. I mean, look, I havent neccisarily been on many dates, and the top associate of this job, not to mention a fine one at that is asking me out? Maybe Mr. brown has lost it." Did she just say I was fine?

"Sounds like you are feeling him, you just being all scurred."

"Uhh, no. I just like to keep me to myself and not to my boss."

"Who said he wanted to sleep with you...I mean not that you aint good enough to sleep with, I mean...look, okay, what is so wrong with my man chris?"

"How the hell are you gonna play like you gonna ask me out when it's obvious he had his head between one of these hoe's thighs over the weekend?" She talks like that? Oh yeah, I forgot, she normal, just not around me.

I decided to walk away fromt he eavesdropping. I aint give a damn. I was gonna get Asia to come around, and i meant it.

Then, it was Thursday again. It kind of made me think about that jungle chick, I aint heard from her. And then Asia walked into my office as I was packing my breifcase. She handed me some files, and I put them in as she waited to be dismissed.

I sighed and took a look at her. "So, what you doing this weekend?'

"Huh?" it wasnt a hard question.

"Like what are you doing this weekend?"

"What do you want to know?"

"Look, I was just asking a question, no need to be defensive."

"I'm not busy this weekend unless I hang out with my friends. Does that satisfy your question, Mr. Brown?"

"Seriously, you need to stop talking like that and come back to the same planet everyone else here is on."

"Oh, I'm sorry if I stay completely professional and march to the beat of my own drum." She said in a sarcastic tone. "And everyone else isnt your secretary or personal assistant, Mr. Brown."

I chuckled. "Are you going through menopause or are you constantly on your period?"

She chuckled. "Are you my boss, or thbat gorrilla 50 cent asking me 21 questions, because for a second you must have got it twisted like I dont work for you?" Ooh, she told me.

"Damn, you could leave now." She rolled her eyes. She aint think I noticed, but I did.

I needed a drink, or something, cuz ole girl was stressin me out. I was gonna call my cuddy buddy, the Jungle chick.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:24 pm

--Chapter 4...(continued)

She walked in, but in a weirder way, I just couldnt quite put my finger on it. She sat down in a chair in front of my desk.

"How are you today, Mr. Brown?" I kept my smile on. She was somewhat smiling too.

"I'm good, Asia. You good?"

"Yes, sir." I nodded my head.

"Good." I spun around in my chair a few time, but ended up facing her again. "What are you waiting for?"

"You didnt give me my assignments for the day earlier, sir." I dropped my smile for a split second.

"Ooops...I'm sorry. I kinda uhh..." I coughed it out,"...did all the work for you."

"You did what?!" She couldnt beleive it. any normal secretary would want to get off easy, but Asia was a workaholic. Honestly, I knew she ahd nothing else to do. This was her life, working, and whatever the little s*** she did in her free time. I still kind of smiled, but felt bad at the same time.

"Asia, I'm sorry, girl. I just felt like working, i got allt his energy...I didnt mean to-(gco)" She put her hand up.

"No. It's okay, you're the boss. I mean I'm just not going to get paid for doing nothing today."

I shook my head and just hung my head low, chuckling slightly.

"If you want me to find you some work than i will okay? Then will yous top your work-a-holic whining?" She must've felt offended with her reaction.

"You obviously think this is a joke. Look, I need that money, Mr. Brown. i am very proud of the work i do, and i intend on coming to work to do it, okay?" What happened to her? She just got all pissy all of a sudden.

"Are you okay? Girl, chill. I mean I'm sure there is always work to be done. Here," I picked up the last 2 pages of numbers to be called. I hated that job, hence why my secratary was doing it, but there was so much done already, she'd finish that in no time. "Do these if you want, aight?"

"Excuse me, Mr. Brown, two pages? I'll definitely finish these before lunch." I chuckled quietly as I put files away. She was so persistant.

"Then you'll be free by the time I take you out for lunch?" I flashed a glimpse of my winning smile at her.

"When was this scheduled?" She searched through the papaers on her clipboard. Then took out her cell to look for it. "Sir, I dont see it..."

"That's because it isnt a schedule, its a plann...a date you could say." I just looked at her waiting for a response. She looked a lil tense.

"A...d-dd-date, s-sir?" It was kinda hott when she stuttered. "Ummm, n-no...thankyou. I'm sorry, but I will probably have to pass on your offer, Mr. Brown."

She walked toward the door. I didnt stop her right away because I loved seeing her from behind. It always gave me happy moments during the day. I did however stop her before she walked out the door.

"Wait--Asia. Why not?"

"I uh...I was just gonna stay here and eat with Corrin, Zananba, and Jenel." I thought of a comeback.

"Oh, okay. Maybe some other time." I had nothing. I heard her let out a sigh of releif. Why she aint like me?

I sat at my desk all day, bored as hell. I played solitare on the computer, and texted and instant messaged Barry even though he was like a door away.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:23 pm

--Chapter 3...(continued)

I sat her up. This was getting me extra horny all over again, seeing her body up on my like that, but we wasnt done. She saddled herself on me. I leaned up a bit and thing she got the idea to ride my....how can I say this in her jungle terms....okay, she rode my annaconda...over and over again. I helped her along the way, I could tell she was sort of weak.

I pushed our bodies closer as I stuck my face in her chest. Then again, I rolled our bodies over, I just wanted whatever she had left. So, in jungle terms, I went down on her and ate out her monkey bread...well forget that, you know what I did. I cleaned her out, stuck my tounge all up in it, she had that good good.

Later, I know it was dark outside when I woke up. We were under her covers and I had her in front of me as we layed on our sides with my arms wrapped around her body. I did a good job of sweating out her hair that was a j u n g l e of it's own. I looked under the covers at my still erect c**k, which was because her as was pushed up against it. I heard a yawn, or a moan, I wasnt sure, but she muttered it. I used my hand to caress her body down to her thigh. I softly kissed her neck, but let out a few nibbles, too.

She used her hand to hold the back of my head, I thought to make sure I was not going to stop kissing her, but i had too when she flipped over to laying on her back and looked up at me.

"What are you doing?" I wasnt even gonna front, I was grinning from ear to ear, but I could tell she was tryna hide it.

"So, I can't kiss you now, huh?" I leaned down and planted a nice one on her lips. Now I got her to let out her smile.

"You had your time all night, Chris." I bit my bottom lip and ran my hand down her body again. I almost reached between her legs, but she was tryna move my hand away, giggling.

"Mhmm...I had my chance, I had my chance..."

"And it was good it was good, damn." I looked into them damn hazel contacts again, and my eyes got chinky, hypnotized by her. I let my tounge out first and leaned down licked her lips as we kissed. Then i stopped.

"What time is it, bae?" I moved back to my side of her bed, and layed back.

"You got a watch," she said in smatass tone. She flashed me a smile, and I gave her one back.

I checked the time and saw that it was nearly 6:00. I remembered it took me like 2 hours to get there, and I wanted to go while i was still up. I saw a long day of sleeping in my future and I had to hurry before I got knocked out again.

I slowly rolled out of her bed and sat on the edge of the bed. Then I rubbed my face and searched the floor for my clothes. I put on my shorts, my wifebeater, and my shirt.

"Chris, where are you going?" I heard her as I stretched at the door before walking out. I walked over to her in the bed.

"I'm tired. You made me drive far to get out here, now I gotta go." She pouted, but still showed a satisfied smile at the same time. "Is it okay that I leave now? Will you spank me if I do?" We both laughed.

"Shut up. Drive safe, this isnt the last time I plan to capture you."

"The only reason is cuz you have good bait."

"Shut up. You are too corny...why did I choose you?"

"Cuz you wanted to l-l-l-l-lick the lollipop."

"You know your way out."

"Hopefully." I kissed her neck and stuck my tounge in her ear real quick. Then I looked at my phone as I walked outside. I saw my had on the ground from when I walked us over. Then i rmemebered I came with my nikes on my feet. I walked a little further in the sand and founde em madd sandy. I put em on and set in the tracking for my car.

Yeah, I had a tracker in my car. My car was fly, anyone might want it, I had to keep tabs on that b****. I actually made it through the jungle, starting to freak out witht he more noises Iheard, but I found my way. I hooped in my car hoping I wouldnt fall asleep on the way, that was a boring car ride. The only thing keeping me awake was my hand on my chico-stick because I was still type horny.

I slept most of the day when i got home. I dont rememeber actually being fully awake until like 5 oclock. And after that, I took a shower, made me soem food, and ignored a few phonecalls. Just Barry trna see if the pussy was good, and a bunch of chicks tryna get at me as usual.

On Monday at work, though, my facial expression was gonna tell how good it was.

--Chapter 4: Double Quarter Pounder, Extra Cheese


I went up the elevator Monday morning all fresh, and with a smile on my face, and trust, i was really not no morning person. I held my breafcase in hand smiling and greeting all the ladies as I walked through the halls of the office to my private one.

"Hi, Chris." I winked at Nadia flashing my smile along the way.

"Wassup, ma?" I heard another one.

"Hey, Chris." It was Zanaba. I bit my lip and nodded my head toward her.

"Good Morning, Chris." Jenel this time, one of Asia's friends.

"Hey, Jenel." Then I finally made it to my office hearing commotion between the females in the office. I closed my door, though. there was nothing to bring me down, I felt good, recharged, like I could run a marathon.

I sat in my leather chair and spun around in my chair looking out the large window. I put my hands behind my head and took in a deep breath then let it out. I started going through my files and immediately making my phonecalls for the day. I did pretty well for an hour and a half, but I had all day and already started getting bored.

I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in." Barry had Red Bull in his hand as he walked in.

"Wassup, man?" We gave eachother dap, and he continued as he sat in one of the chairs in front of my desk. "Man, I called you yesterday, man. You was out like all weekend, huh?"

"Yeah, so what?" He sucked his teeth and gave me a blank look as we both started chuckling.

"Man, how was it?" He leaned up in his seat and took another sip of Red Bull.

I let a smile curl on my lips. "How was what?" He gave me a blank face again, waiting for me to talk. "What, man? I dont know what you talkin bout."

"Nigga, stop playing. The girl, how was she? I mean was that pussy tight?" I rubbed my chin and nodded my head.

"It might have been." We started chuckling again. "Man, what you think I'm cheesing for? It was the s***. Man, I could eat her out breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

"Go on, man, go on." He sat on the edge of his seat.

"Man, she could ride d*** like a pro, too."

"Sounds like a pro to me. She must be if she chasing after you like that."

"Nah, she said I was the first dude she tried this on."

"Mhhhmmm. That's code for lady in the street, but a freak in the sheets...she got a sister?" I laughed.

"I dont know, man. She dont ever talk about her self. She all about the seductive, luring game. She all bossy, tell me what I can and cant do..."


"Naw, not even close. After you do what she says...she let you have whatever you want, and trust me, I got what I wanted." He started going crazy.

"Aww, man. Lucky a$$ bastard you. Damn. That head must've been on point." I sucked my teeth.

"Damn, I forgot about that. Man, wasnt no time, girl wore me out."

"You aint get it yet, dawg? Man, well, save it for next time."

"Yeah, best believe." I gave him dap and he was about to get ready to leave my office, but he said if he got bored, not to be surprised if he came back for detail. I could talk about that chick for days, though.

As Barry walked out, Asia was standing at the door. She peered in, shy as always, to make sure she could walk in.

"Mr. Brown, can I come in." I signalled my hand.

"Yeah, of course. Good morning.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:20 pm

I followed her, but I wasnt buying all she was saying. It was like Jedi mind games, only more like she was controlling my hormones...same difference in my case. I wanted to work my normal Chris charm on her, but everytime I made a move we'd get into the whole flirting thing, my arms around her, but then she'd stop it.

We almost reached the spot where I left my Nikes. She stood in front of me, her back toward the water. Then, she slowly slid down her skirt...unfortunately, only revealing the rest of her bikini matching her top.

"Wait here, lay down, relax..." She whispered into my ear.

She was about to head toward the water. I didnt let go of her hand, though.

"Where you going?"

"aRe you scared of being here by yourself?"

"You been clowning me, you not nice." We both laughed.

"Well if you do what I say, than when i come out the water, I'll give you a treat."

She moved into the water at a paced rate. I did as she said and sat in the sand. I kept my knees out as I stared out into the water, but not in her direction. I moved my blue hat nearly to the back for a clear view. I then let my legs lay straight out on the sand and looked around. I saw a little hut/apartment thing in the close distance. Probably like 100 feet or so away in a direstion closer tot he jungle, and up towards my right side.

I layed back and gazed into the bright sky with my hands resting behind my head. I heard splashing in the water and leaned up my head a little. It was far enough to see the chick crawling out of the water sensually, animal-ish as she pushed back her wavy hair. She gave me such a hard look in the face.

She crawled on top of me and stood there like a panther on my body, contemplating on whether or not to eat me. The water on her was drying off so quickly, it was hella hot out there, seriously. The access water dripped on me, though.

Her knees were in the sand spread at my thighs and her hands on my chest like she punced on me. I must have been a good boy.

"Ddi you miss me?" She tilted her head looking at me. I got lost in her eyes again.

"Maybe...enjoy your swim?"

"I think I might enjoy you better, Chris." She leaned down over me, face to face. I was waiting for that kiss again, but still was left empty handed.

"Damn, girl. Stop teasing. I'm dying here."

"Then you're passing my test."

"So, can I get at least a kiss?"

"If you really want one..." I ddi want one. I stuck out my tounge and made movements like we were making out, but I know she was prolly just skaing her head, I heard her giggle.

"What? I was ready, I left my tounge out and everything."

She leaned her forehead on mine, and we were about to share a real kiss, but she wanted what I was just playing around about.

"No, keep your tounge out." I could not argue with this little freak. i stuck my tounge out again. She leaned down and I felt hers on mine.

I always said I'd never taste something that could taste me, like cow tounge in my senior culinary class. This was the only exception.

Finally a real kiss, she brought her lips into it. Her tounge moved in my mouth and she slightly pulled up each time so she could let it back down in my mouth. I stuck my tounge farther and farther in her mouth, occasionally covering her mouth with my lips. I started sucking her top lip when she was stuck on my bottom one. She tugged on me to flip us over, and we rolled over so that I was on top.

The kiss continued, making me harder ever second it lasted. I planted my hands in the sand, and leaned down laying on her as far as I colud. I felt her body under mine, and felt the hardnening in her bikini at her breasts pushed up against my chest. She wanted me too, and she knew it. Then her hands ran down my arms, as i heard her begin to moan when i grinded on her. We kept kissing, almost until we sucked eacohters mouths off.

When we finished, I licked my lips and stared into her eyes, those hazel contacts, as she czught her breath. I was positioned between her legs in between them, it felt like she was ready for something more.

"There, you got your kiss." She still caught hr breath." Unless,...you want more."

"What are you saying?"

"You can have what you want, Chris. Show me what you want."

I stared into her eyes, and kissed her again. It was too good, I couldnt help it. I kept kissing on her, moving down to her neck and having uncontrollable urges. I kissed her lips gently this time.

I spread her legs out and unzipped my shorts while looking into her eyes. I leaned down to kiss her again, and we did, but my hands roamed as I slid down half of her bathing suit, massaging her spot between her thighs.

Between moans she managed to whisper,"Take me, but not out here."

So I picked her up, and headed toward the little hut place that caught my eye earlier.

jogged with her legs spread around me as fast as I could. partially because...she was madd wet, I needed to take that. Also, because that sand was hott as hell. I kept slipping every now and again, but I made it to the place and slammed us up against the wall, just kissing her a little more while I was struggling to open the door.

"How the hell do you open this thing!?" I was in mass confusion, and waited for her to answer.

"Turn...the...knob, Chris!" She said while she tryed catching her breath. There was no use in doing that, though. I was gonna take lil mama so high, we wouldnt need to breath.

I got in the door and used my foot slamming it back as I threw her on the bed. It was like almost a hotel suite looking thing. It was kinda cool, but I aint take too much time thinking about it, I had a half naked woman laying on a bed waiting for me.

I took off my belt and unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my wife beater. Then i went to the bed where she layed and continued where I left off at the only thing keeping me from entering inside her. I sucked and bit on her neck as she moaned making me go lower. I didnt know why...I just lost my common sense or something. I was bout to rip off her bikini when I could easily just take it off, but I couldnt help it, 2 months man, 2 months!

I started sucking on her breasts, my tounge couldnt stay in my mouth. I kissed down her body to her belly and lower. I was going to eat her out, but I calmed down real quick. She kept playing games with me before, and she said it was my turn...so I was gonna play with her. I went back up to her face, where she was breathing hard and biting her bottom lip. I sucked on her lips as I let my right hand trail down her sweating body. I whispered in her ear.

"Do you like the games I play?" She had to catch her breath before she answered.

"Maybe...is that why you're taking too long?"

"Yeah. It's my turn, so are you ready to play?"

"Don't get a hold of yourself." My face tensed as I felt her hand squeezing my meat. "That's my jo-(gco)

I inserted a finer inside of her, causing her to gasp. She must've seen a light or fireworks or something, i could tell by her facial expression. I was used to that expression. I put another finger into it, hearing her moan into my ear.

"Chris....Chris,...uhhh!" She moaned out faintly.

I was a sucker in my own game, I wanted her bad, too. S months, man, 2 damn months...didnt I mention that already?

I took out my fingers and kissed the nameless chick once more. Then I sucked off what was left on my fingers. Finally, I was searching in the pocket of my shorts for a magnum, but I couldnt find one. Thsi was killing me. I thought about just going all nat-u-ral, but I aint even know this chick...that was wrong as it is. She reached for her drawer at the same time as I felt an unopened wrapper in my pocket. We both pulled one out. We shared a slight laugh and I put mine on. I slightly lifted her legs and set them around me, taking my time. She got a little angry.

"What?" I kissed her. "Why you mad for?" I smiled knowing i was getting her impatient.

"Stop taking so long." I chuckled a little more. "And stop it with your fine a$$ sm--ILE!"

She wasnt the only one surprised. Now I aint forget how to make love, but maybe not having none ina while made this one feel...special, if that's the right word to describe it. Again, this was something that only dawned on my mind for a few moments. I cincentrated on our movements. I pumped it out and eased it in at a constant pace, still feeling Mr. Big get swoler and swoler each time.

Her nails dug into my back and my neck as she struggled for air between those beautiful noises she made. I held onto her waist making sure my motions were right and got lost in exstasy. I bit down hard on my bottom lip and let out "Got Damn!" and "s***!" a few times.

Something was bottling up inside her or something. Her moans got louder..."AHH!....ohh...Chris...chris....Oh My Goodness!"...and she grasped the back of my head as we shared a few more kisses. I knew what was about to happen, I could feel it coming along myself. I made my thrusts a little bit faster and harder until I felt her juices leak all over. We kept on a little more until I came.

I released my d*** and let my body fall on th bed real quick for a breather. I breathed real hard. I was a pro at this, how I was losing my breath? I watched her as she was about to turn to her side. I turned her so that she was laying on her back again.

"You thought we was finished huh?" I smiled and stood directly into them eyes. She smiled back.

"No, I was hoping for more, but you stopped all the fun, Chris."

"Mmhmm..." I leaned down and kissed her again, then sucked on her neck a little bit. I wrapped my arms around her lower waist and rolled us over so she was on top.

"What you doing?" She asked as she let out a giggle.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:17 pm

--Chapter 3: No Resistance

You're Coming With Me Boy
No Need To Resist
Wont Be Released Until I'm Good And Finished
Cant Let You Leave Now So Whatever Whatever
Just Wont Work
I'm Holding Ya Captive


I opened my apartmeent door and threw my keys on the couch. I hit on the TV real quick, then set the remote on the counter in the kitchen when I went to go drink some juice, straight up from the carton.

I stopped for a second to let out a burp and thought. What was with that chick, Asia? I mean, seriously, someone can work with you and be by your side constantly everyday for 2 years, and you wont know anything about her, or she wouldnt even think about you. Not that I felt I liked her in that way, she wasnt even interested in me, I was her boss, but....if she ever wanted to start something, I wouldnt refuse. I just wondered why she was so weird around me, but friends with Mijo so easily.

I was flipping through the channels for a while. Nothing was on. Then I went through my phone, how could a sexy and attractive 23 year old be so bored on a Friday night. What was worse was I had a full phone of chicks number, and not one of them to hold onto. So, I sat there, thinking about...her...the weirdo jungle chick.

She more than wanted me, I could tell that. Why, though? And what for? I didnt question it much longer, I was just wondering when was the next time I was gonna see her...and then, I got a call.

I picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello, Chris." I asmiled at the voice. Just the call I was waiting for.

"Well, well, well, calling so soon, ma. Seems like just yesterday I saw you?"

"It was just yesterday."

"So, what's this call for? Another trail of bread crumbs until I find out who you are?"

"Who says you're ever going to find out?"

"Okay, you all about games, that's cool. Well, will I at least know why you want me?"

"So, I can have you, and you can give me what I want, Chris."

"Oooh, will I want this, too?" She chuckled.

"It doesnt matter what you want right now, I come first."

"Okay, so when do you get what you want?"

"When I see you tomoorow, Chris. And then, we can be all alone...in the jungle."

"Jungle? What's with that-(gco)"

"No, Chris. You listen when I speak, or else you will never get what you're waiting for." I bit my bottom lip. She was right, I was waiting for something...for about 8 weeks I waited for something.

"Well, then you must be waiting for the same thing, I hope."

"We'll find that out, and you will be mine."

She told me some spot to meet her. Yup, it was somewhat near the beach and the middle of nowhere. Sounded like a jungle to me.

I woke up the next morning, early at 9:00, just like she told me to do. I took a shower, even though she told me i was going to get dirty. As if I aint know I was going to get dirty, I still had to be clean. I hopped in my car, and drove off toward the coast. That was a far a$$ ride. I was hoping it was worth it. I kind of thought about how I'm chasing this chick who I dont even know, but that thought dawned off. I made it to almost the beachy area. The shore was still like a little over half a mile or so away.

It was like a part off the beaten path, though. Like the calmer, quiet part with a few houses, but they still were distant from where I was at. The sun was shining hard forreal, already started sweating. I aint know where this chick was, though. So I began walking down what looked like a pthway into some bushes. Then I thought "Hell naw, I aint walking in there." And I didnt have too...

My tour guide showed up.

I felt hands over my eyes, from a body shorter than mine. I smiled, and tried to feel behind myself for someone. I felt a little bit of her stomach area, a bit toned, but not one of them forreal skinny chicks, a little thick. I heard her giggle a little, but she aint get carried away.

She released her hands and renewed my vision. I turned around to see her, again in a bikini similar to the ones she had before, but this one was more bathing suit like, and she wore a skirt too. She stared at me with them gleaming eyes, and I started at the top of her wavy hair looking down her rich colored body glistening in the heat. She let out a bit of a sensual smile making chills run down my spine.

"Mmm, damn. You look,....g-good."

She looked down at my pants, I guess expecting to see something. There was a little bulge. She looked back up at me, though. "You look more than that, you look..." she bit her lip and inhaled air slowly and all sexy as she bit her lip.."...oh so sexy, Chris."

"Well, I do try," I said while smiling.

"And I guess it must pay off..."

"It does get me around."

"Well, the c**kiness, wont get anywhere with me."

"Okay, you playing hard to get. I like that, I-(gco)" She placed a finger over my lip.

"Save the talking for later, you wont have to say much here. I'm not too verbal. I like things a little more hands on."

She took me by my hand and swerved her nice a$$ and body infront of me, as I looked her up and down while we were led into this jungle.

--Chapter 3...(continued)

I didnt get it. Was this chick serious? It was almost like a real jungle. I heard s*** and birds chirping like that. And there were vine-ish looking things. Also, like these trees, that were actually pretty cool. They like grew out of there roots over and over again and looked easy to climb into. It was quiet besides our feet rustling on the ground.

I stil looked her up and down. For the most part, we walked hand in hand, side to side, but when she would lead ahead of me, I took advantage of the veiw, and it was not bad. She looked back at me in the silence on time and smiled.

"Are you enjoying the view?"

"Hell yeah." I bit down on my bottom lip.

"Well then maybe I should've worn more clothes..." She said as we walked over to one of them trees.

"No, this is perfect. I have no complaints." I looked her up and down as she kept a straight face.

She pushed me. So, she was violent too? This was great. She walked over and scurried up one of them trees, practically laying down on a branch. I looked up at her.

"I guess you...like the outdoors?" She giggled.

"That's assuming. Outdoors? Well, you dont need to know how I feel about it."

I tried to at least climb up a lower branch and was struggling as I did. I wasnt into that stuff. She laughed at me evrytime I would slide down after climing a portion.

"Stop laughing...." That didnt stop her. "What's with the whole thing about you telling me what I dont need to know?"

"Because, Chris. You've joined my game, and I decide how to play it."

I finally climbed onto a peice, and as soon as I did, she jumped off. She was sexy, but was pissing me off little by little, until we saw the sunlight shining through as we hit the sand of the beach.

I looked at the sight, it was amazing. The water was so clear too, it was crazy. I was in awe, until I felt her pull my hand.

"Like what you see?"

"Yeah...wow." She looked up at me, then pulled my hand.

"Take off your shoes."

"Ooh, I get it right now? You dont waste time do you?" I made her laugh and it was a nice one. Something about her, just kept me attatched, like I couldnt stop looking at her.

"Can you just do what I say, Chris?"

"Ooh, I like the forcefulness." She shook her head. She took my hand again as we walked down the beach.

The sand was a little hott, so she pulled me more toward the shore. It was kind off quiet as we walked. What do you talk about with a chick like that? She looked up at me, and I looked at her. The longer I looked into her eyes, the tighter a grip she took on my arm.

Then we played little games. I licked my lips. She gave a slight smile and sucked on her bottom lip sensually, and used her eyes with it too. It was so good, I bit my finger. I bit my lip so hard, and slowly released it. She had that blank look on her face like she knew she thought it was hott. She ended up looking away.

Then, I guess she got bored. She started walking backward in front of me, while i still walked foward. She tugged on my hands.

"Dont you talk, Chris?"

"Yeah." She chuckled.

"I meant, more than one word."

"Will you tell me to shut up?"

"No, I'm demanding you to talk." I laughed.

"Demanding? Okay, cant argue with that. I guess I'll tell you about myself. I work at-(gco)" She whined.

"I already know all of that."

"Well, I enjoy time to myself, parties with tons of women, strawberry cheesecake from Juniors's in Brooklyn, and long walks on the beach..." She laughed. "Whaddayaknow? We on a beach, huh?" I luaghed too.

"Chris, you are so smart."

"Thanks. What about you?" She looked directly in my eyes.

"What about me?"

"What I cant know anything? I already figured out you wont tell me who you are, but how do you know me?" I watched as she shook her head. "Well just tell me about you. Do you have a favorite color? Do you do....normal..people things?"

"Am I a monster or something?" She smiled. "Of course I do, I'm not just an animal..." She ran her fingers down my chest like clawing at it. "I think like a human, talk like a human, breath like one, oh yeah, I am one."

"Trust me, I've noticed."

"I have human desires..." She caught my attention.

"Wow, we have something in common. Maybe we should fulfill these desires some time..."

"When that happens, is up to me..." She stopped and i did too. She pulled me close, and got in my face. "And since your playing your cards right, there might be a disturbance in the jungle tonite, Chris..." Then I watched as she headed back to the direction from which we came, twerking her a$$ so well.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:16 pm

--Chapter 2.5...(continued)

I knocked on the door of 4B, waiting for Mijo to answer. I even rang the bell. I know dude was not sleeping.

"Did he sound awake when he called you?"

"Yes, sir."

"He prolly got some chick up in there or she just left and he's getting himself together." I put my ear to the door, slightly nosy.

"That was a little too much information about Mr. Bradford." I chuckled. Then I started knocking making a beat on Barry's door. It was the beat to "Touch It." I looked to Asia and asked if she had any requests. She actually laughed, then answered with a 'no.' Then I kept on until B opened the door. He looked serious.

"Ay wassup, B?" I heard Asia giggle. "Man, why wasnt you answerin the door?"

"Can't a nigga try to chill on a late Saturday morning?" I shook my head.

"Chill? you mean get a little more pussy before the hoe let, right?"

"Aight, maybe. I cant help it if her s*** was right..." We both stopped and looked at Asia who looked bothered by our conversation.

"Hey, Asia. What are you doing here?" We both looked at him like he was stupid.

"Nigga, you told her to come to my house this morning."

"I aint know you was aight like this. You was out of it lastnight-(gco)" WE turned toward Asia agin as she spoke.

"I'm sorry, should I leave if this gets to that conversation again?"

"Yeah," B said plainly. Asia looked bothered and rolled her eyes turning back toward the elevator. I pulled her wrist.

"Wait, he was just being stupid. Come on."

We walked into B's place, similar to mine besides the furniture and the floor he was on. I took a seat in a chair while Asia and barry sat on his couch. He was watching Food Network.

"Ay, what you doing today, man?" I looked at B.

"Oh, we came over here to see what was up with you. I aint got s*** to do. Maybe I should have went to the office anyway...nah."

"Did Myla call you?" I looked at him, slightly surprised.

"What you mean? She was supposed to?"

"Yeah, she called me asking why you werent in the office like you had 'some things' planned with her...did you?" I shot a glance at Asia really quick who was doing something on her blackberry.

"I aint planned nothing, but she was tryna get at me at the beginning of the week. She just mad 'cause I told her I was prolly coming in today, but I aint feel like it."

"Oh, well, I kind of had a feeling you were coming over, so I told her to stop by." I got wide eyed.

I saw Asia glance up at Barry, then me right before I responded to him. "What for, man? Damn."

"Well if you wasnt coming over, I might have a little something," he said. He started chuckling, too.

"Should I leave? I can if you want me too." I looked at her and sighed.

"You dont have to, it's okay, really. Well...when she comes over here, can I trust you two wont kill eachother?"

Asia chuckled. "Mr. Brown, I think I can be trusted."

"Not you, I meant him." We both looked at Barry.

"Is this 'Corner Barry Day' or something. I'll be alright with your little secretary here." He looked at her and rubbed his hands. "We're gonna have lots of fun together..." He gave a fake evil laugh. Asia actually smiled, and shook her head.

We was chillin around a bit. Then Myla got there and I stepped outside with her. She was wearing a short skirt, like many of the women I worked with did. She also had on a mid-drift with them knockers calling my name. Her long exstensions layed down her back.

"Hey wassup?" She smiled and walked closer to me.

"Nothing. You said you were coming to work today, boo. You wasnt there and I was worried." I smiled.

"So you called B?"

"I wanted to surprise you." She set her hands behind my neck.

"Well, I'm surprised. What do you want?" She bit her lip.

"Something..." He kissed her sloppily, she was a freak like that. I sat my hands on her hips and moved one down to her thigh. I lifted her leg slightly. I held onto it and caressed it constantly.

We finally got a chance to breathe. I took her hand. We went to go eat lunch at Red Lobster, she said she was hungry. I made sure I went to the Red Lobster at the far side of the city, because I had taken Zannaba and Laila to the one closest to me. Them people who work there had seen me around enough to question me about the chicks I took there, especially the chick who shows you to the tables. Then, one time, she slipped me her number and I gave her a little something to keep her mouth shut.
After eating, Myla and I went back to my place. Myla was the only girl I was messing around with constantly for the past 2 months. I hit a few others during the beginning, but I actually took Myla out on dates lately, but not in 4 weeks. I still aint even had none from Myla. As skimpy as she dressed, snad as nasty as she was, she made a man wait for certain things.

We sat down on my couch and I put my arm around her. Even though her hair was fake, I liked running my hair though it. It was good weave, nearly felt real and tricked like half the chicks at the job, which was a record becuase they'd clown people the moment they saw a weave. Them women was crazy, they all wore weaves themselves. Myla looked up at me, through her hazel eyes. Eyes ere always something to control me in a girl.

"What you staring at, Chris?" I leaned in to kiss her real quick.

"Just admiring your beauty." She laughed and playfully hit me.

"Okay, so I'm beautiful, huh?"

"Yeah, of course, bae."

"You think I'm beautiful, but do you think you love me?" I swallowed my gum.

"L-love you? Do you want me to?"

"No, I was just wondering." I still had a worried face. She smiled. "No, I dont love you, I was just asking. I know you been with alot of girls, but you managed to mostly concentrate on me for a while. I just thought maybe you felt something more because of that."

"Oh. It's not that I dont, I mean I'm trying this relationship thing. We aint there yet, but maybe-(gco)"

"I f***ed Shad!" She just said it so quick out of no where. Shad was one of the niggas who worked ont he top floor of our ofice buliding. We were two stories down from him. He just got as big of a position as me and he's getting with chicks who I've known for years and aint had? I couldnt beleive it.

"Okay." She looked at me wierd.

"Forreal? What happened to this serious relationship thing?"

"I siad we werent there yet. Shad, though? You know he hates me, right? We've been rivals since the internship."

"I know. I had tot hink about that before I said yes to being his girl-(gco)" She paused. "Did I say that out loud?"

"Okay, maybe this thing aint gonna work out..."

We sat there. Then I moved into her, about to kiss her but she moved away.

"Wait, what are youd oing?"

"I thought maybe you just wanted to have sex before we end this thing." She laughed. She thought I was joking. I was serious. Her out fit was killing me. She left anyway.

I went back to B's place to hear and see fun and laughter between him and Asia. They were playing video games.

"Ay, wassup with you two?"

Barry kept laughing, but answered me. "Nothing, man. you missed it. Man, we brought out that old school."

I ignored Asia's laughter and picked up a remote controller. "Sega? Dude, I tried to get you to take that out when I got tired of the Ps3."

"Sorry, man, but we got carried away and i had no choice. We had a bet. If she beat me in the tennis match on my Wii, then we'd bring out the Sega, and now she been whooping my a$$ in Mortal Combat." He walked back over to his couch and sat down by Asia.

"You are so crazy, Barry." Did my ears decieve me?

"Did you just call him Barry?" She said yes. I had to pry them away from their fun with jaws of life to get Asia to leave so I could drive her home.

She was actually smiley, but then during the car ride, she was her normal self. I felt so left out. We reached her apartment building.

I opened the car door for her and we walked inside her building with her key tot he door. There was a fountain in the lobby. I saw some Terminex dudes getting ready to leave.

Being around Asia was too quiet, I had to say something. "So,...how was your day?"

"It was fine. I enjoyed my time at Mr. Bradford's place."

"I thought you called him Barry now?"

"Well I mean, only yot him. We seem to be good like that. You can learn alot about a person in 6 hours."

"Glad you had fun." I had a bit of dissappointment in my voice. B didnt even wanna like Asia as a friend. He never thought about ti. She was just the chick at internship with us, and my secretary, that's it to him. I wanted to be her friend, but she couldnt say more than a few words to me.

We got out of the elevator and walked to her room C728. She stood there.

"Thankyou for driving me, Mr. Brown. I really appreciate it."

"No problem." She stood there, I guess waiting for me to leave.

"Well, um are you going to stand here, sir?"

"You aint letting me in?"

"Again, it's my choice who I let into my personal life, no offense Mr. Brown."

"Yeah, it's okay."

She walked into her aparment, leaving me standing there.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:14 pm


I walked to Mr. Brown's kitchen to make him breakfast. This was maybe one in a dozen times that I have ever done my assisting duties in Mr. Brown's home. I made an omelet and bacon for Mr. Brown whiel he took his shower. Then I poured him some orange juice as I saw him return from bathing. He was in his towel.


I was bout to take a shower, my bathroom was openly connected to my bedroom, so I was slighly watching the TV at the same time. I got in and let the water hit my face, creating steam throughout my room, especially when I stepped out of the shower. I was smelling good,as usual. I trimmed the hair on my chin slightly and wiped my face while I was wrapped ina towel. I needed to let my meat breath, and a towel was open enough for that. I bushed my teehth and s***, then walked out of my bedroom after turning off my Tv. I stood at my bedroom door watching my lil secratary. This time she was in a medium length black skirt...must have gotten new clothes. And it neevr failed, the bun witht hte peice of hair dangling at the right side if her face with her glasses on the edge of her nose. She scooted them up from the middle as she poured soem orange juice.

My eyes wandered her as usual. She was laways something to look at...not all that attractive, but I mean I think I might've secretly had a thing for her since our internship at the job. It all kind of went in slow motion for me as I looked at her. She sloely moved the pice of hair from in front of her face tot he side...then a little lower. I looked at her somewhat business casual attire, the white button down shirt, mid-sleave with always the top 2 buttons undone. When she didnt wear heels, sometimes I saw a peak into her cleavage...and my eyes stood there for a while...on her breasts, but I moved down to her a$$. I bit my lip hard. I had little fantasies about banging my secratary..not her, but like the crazy, sexy secretary...only I didnt have that, just...Asia, but I still thought about it a little bit. I had to shake all this out of my head when she looked at me. I dont hink all my thoughts were enough to get Mr. Big to stand up, and I was a little releived too.

"Hello, Mr. Brown." Again, I was greeted with a smile.

"Oh hey. You making something?" I asked as I walked over to her. I saw an omelet and bacon, only one plate, though.

"Yes. I made breakfast." She placed the plate in front of me, as I started to eat a way. I've known that she could always cook so I aint waste not time.

"You aint eating?" I asked, scarfing down food. She placed the glass of orange juice beside me.

"No sir, I'm not here to cook for myself." I put my fork down when she walked over to my sink to finish cleaning the dishes she used. I took a sip of orange juice and sighed when she turned back toward me.

"Asia, you can eat too. Dont just be cooking for me, okay?"

"I dont get paid to cook for myself, Mr. Brown."

"Forreal...I'm serious. You will get paid for it if I need to pay you. I feel awkward with just me eating the food you cooked okay? Thankyou for the breakfast, I appreciate it, but try doing something for yourself, too."

"i wasnt hungry much anyway, sir. I'm fine." I sighed again to her.

"Well, if your a$$ dont pour you some orange juice and drink that s*** right now, you're fired."

I was just playing, but she was the only person to listen to me like that. Although we only had a boss and employee relationship, that's what I liked about it. She never really cared about herself when she worked for me, which got on my nerves, but when I told her to do for herself, she listened to me.

I ate my breakfast, occasionally looking up at her while she read the paper. Our eyes met a few times, but she never let it stay like that. Then I went and got dressed, leaving Asia on the couch. When i returned I saw her writing on her clipboard as usual.

"Hey, what you doing, ma?" She jumped, slightly surprised. Then she hugged her clipboard to her body.

"Nothing, just writing notes, sir."

"Mmmhhmmm." I popped a stick of Doublemint in my mouth. "So what you wanna do today, girlie?"

"Um, I am pretty sure I am supposed to work for you sir."

"In my house? But I aint got s*** for you to do. Do you do fun things, like chillax, go out and s***?" She kept her same serious face, but a ligh-hearted serious.

"Yes, but not when I'm supposed to work." I kept chewing on my gum, and just stared at her. Was she serious? I needed to get her to joke around.

"You wanna work so bad...let's go to my room."

"You have files for me to look over in your breifcase? I can do that right here." I was cracking up inside. Either she didnt get it or didnt want me to know she understood the jike.

"It's more like a debriefing of me personally." She lifted and eyebrow.


I chuckled.

--Chapter 2.5...(continued)

"Yeah, I'm in my Tommy Hillfigers (is that how it's spelled?). They new so they riding up a little bit, I'm used to the Sean Jean." She tried to hold a smile, and she did a good job at it while I laughed.

"That was a good one."

"Then why arent you laughing?" I sighed. "Ay, let's go see what B is up to aight, ma?" She just sat there. "That kinda means you, and I, walking to the 4th floor to Barry's place. Let's go."

She finally got up, still clutching her clipboard. I opened the door for her, and closed it behind us. We stood there in silence as we waited for the elevator. I kept looking at her. She didnt completely stand awkward, but even if you didnt know her, you'd get the vibe. I slightly shook my head to myself. Then the elevator opened and she walked in first and me after.

"Do you talk much?" I asked while chewing my gum. I looked at her, she only glanced at me then looked at the little thing to see what floor we were on. "You seem to talk to ya friends, at least it seems like that. I thought we were friends, girl?" I slightly smiled at her.

Again, she glanced at me. "I'm talking right now, Mr. Brown." She slightly smiled.

"Oh, you got jokes...aight. At least I know you're somewhat normal." Then, she looked at me.

"So, I wasnt before?"

I smiled. We were having a conversation, how rare. "Naw, you was before. I'm just now finding out, though...you got a boyfriend?" I couldnt beleive I just asked that. Why? I had no idea.

"Was that a real question?"

"Maybe...will you give it a real answer?"

"No offense, sir, but that's my personal life. I know you arent interested in it, so I feel the need to keep it to myself."

"Well, I am intersted...Asia. If I wasnt then I wouldnt have asked. Just becasue I'm your boss doeant mean we cant talk about something other than work. For example, you were just in my house, not the workplace...that's my personal life."

I waited for her response as we got on Barry's floor. "Well, I think it's my business who I let in, Mr. Brown." I shrugged my shoulders and continued my chewing. Then she actually truned toward me before stepping out. "But, if you were interested in my life...then no."

"No what? You wont let me in?"

"No, I mean, I dont have a boyfriend."

I smiled. I was breaking her out of her shell, finally.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:13 pm

--Chapter 2: The Trap

I can Lure You In, I'm So CLever With It
It's Really No Where To Run, So You Can Just Forget it
I set A Trap And Ooooh Look How I Caught You with It
I'm An Animal


After a while, I was wrapping things up in my office. The business was quiet, only Barry, Tawanna, and Me left. I turned off my computer and picked up my briefcase. I was about to walk out of my office when Tawanna walked in, pressing her palms on my chest to push me back in.

"Come on T, what you doing?"She gave me a smirk.

"You know what I'm doing, Chris."I smiled as she pushed me up against the file cabinet as I wrapped my arms around her waist and let her pierced tounge into my mouth. I turned her in a 90 degree angle, pushing her up against the wall. MY breif case was kicked to the side. I lifted her up and let my hand slip under her skirt. She unbuttoned my shirt and that's when I stopped her.

"T, girl wait." She continued unbuttoning my shirt, though.

"Chris, no, I want it, and so do you." I let her down.

"Girl, I got somewhere to be in a little while okay."

"It aint no secret. you been all up tight lately, and I know you want some more," She said while unbuttoning her shirt.

I used my hand to stop hers from going any further."Tawanna, I'm sure your boyfriend wants more too, so go give him some."

"Are you telling me to take all of this to someone else?" she said while pushing up her breasts.

I bit my lip."It's tempting, but I dont wanna keep doing this, we can't in the office at least." She grew a pleasing grin.

"Okay. You got my number." She stuck her tounge in my ear and smacked my a$$. then she whispered in my ear,"I still love that plump a$$."

"Look who talking, you got that apple bottom." I grabbed her a$$. I kissed her and then looked into her eyes, almost getting lost for a few seconds. I must have been out of it all day, because I was daydreaming over women constantly, well more than usual. As much as I wanted Tawanna, I had to resist. She had a man and still been around the corner and back. I was prolly still going to end up giving her a call. I finally had a chance to leave.

Me and B walked to my Astin Martin(is that the name of the car?) I told him about 40/40, of course Mijo was always known to be down for a trip to the club. I was looking fresh of course, I had to for my mystery chick.
That was true, but for a while, I was regretting turning down Tawanna. It was almost 12, and I aint see girlie around at all. Then again, I had no idea how she looked...unless hse was that girl I saw on the street. I was starting to think it was a little joke from some chick I already knew...nah.
I didnt drink much, but I was on #3.

"You aint seen her yet?" I mean mugged B.

"Do it look like I did, man. Maybe you was right, prolly someone at the office."

"That's what I'm saying. I think Cassie got a thing for you."

"Cassie got a thing for everybody."He chuckled.

"You right. I had that a few times. I love working with women, so much to choose from." I gave him dap.

"Yeah, but this coulda been something new."

"Man, I think either this third drink got you semi-tipsy, or you putting too much thought into this b****."

"I dont know, B. It's still pretty early." I faced toward the bar and asked for a refill on my mohito. Barry walked back out tot he floor. For the 8th time, another chick slid me their number. Most asked me to dance. I did with like 2 of them, but nothing much.
After a while I was only getting cranberry juice, I wanted to keep my mind clear. I was ready to call that b**** and ask which 40/40 she was talking bout, cuz she was not there.

"Hi,Chris." I felt a whisper in my ear. Another random Chick I was guessing, but when I turned around I saw something different.

She had a rich caramel complexion, but darker than me. Her hair was wavy with nearly the same bikini top I saw on the chick on the street, but she wore a skirt this time, the same pattern looking like it came from a music video, though. It was like camoflauge, only more jungle-ish. It was her. I could tell by those eyes, those hazel contacts that I got lost in. I could tell they were contacts...as many girls I had with them...they were contacts.

"Were you waiting for me?"

"I guess you can say that, but I dont know who I was waiting for." She bit her lip and smiled.

"You didnt need to, I got you here."

"Yeah.. So what I'm here for?" She pushed up against me at the bar, staring directly into my eyes.

"You're here for whatever I want." She smelled good too. It was kind of weird considering what she was wearing, like she came from a rainforest. I felt sorry for her, though. She had to wiff the alcohol on my breath. She was kinda weird. We were in this position for nearly a minute...and no kiss. I leaned to do it, but she placed a finger on my lip. Then she let her hand feel down my chest, her fingernails presing in with her finger tips. She took my hand.

She led me to the dance floor. It was so freaky. I mean she didnt even have to push people out of the way to get to the middle. I followed, staring her down from the back. "Disturbia" Was playing. A song fit for this chick who semmed to start playing mind games with me. She ran her hands up my arms while bit my lip. She liked to touch...I was feelin that. Then she placed her hands behind my neck and moved her face close to mine again, and moved my hat to the side, making sure I was looking her in the eyes.
I let my hands around her waist.

She gave a smile with mischeif behind it."Nah uh, Chris. I decide what you do with those."

She took my wrists and moved my hands down to her a$$ and pushed up on me. Whatever she was tryna do, I aint had one problem with it. I felt her breath on my lips as she looked up into my eyes, and never stopped. She licked her bottom lip and we were dancing, not much, mostly grinding.
Her scent and breath were so intoxicating, almost like a happy gas, but fragrant. This was cool and all, but her in control made me feel like her hoe or something. That's when I turned her around to feel her a$$ up on my d***, show her what I had from the back.
I dont think she was happy with me. She turned around and forcefully grabbed my arm pulling me into her so she was staring directly at me again.

"This is my game, you play by my rules..." I aint mean to piss her off, even though it was kind of attractive. She finished her statement with a whisper in my ear,"If you play by my rules...I might let you capture me."

She rubbed her cheek on mine as she made her way back to us face to face.

She was making me trip."What kind of chick are you?"

"A dangerous one."

Then I heard "PCD" through the speakers from the club. In my ears rang a hott beat followed by lyrics about the jungle. I never heard the song, but it all sounded familiar, every word of it. As soon as the first verse began, she set her hand on my face and sang the words..."come take a ride with miss wild thang..." She was dancing the hell outta that song, and all up on me too. It was like she was untouchable, except to me, and even with that, I couldnt touch her without her permission.
She dropped it low on my at the chorus. Then she pulled away from me, but pulled me back into her and held my hands tight.

"Ya comin wit me boy, no need to resist. Wont be released until I'm good and finished. Cant let you leave now, so whatever, whatever, just wont work...I'm holding ya captive," is all I heard whispered in my ear in unison with the song.

She made animal movements like crawling up my body after she dropped it on me again. She held my wrists together in the front of me, then whispered in my ear."Welcome to The Jungle, Chris." I felt her bite my ear.

She brought her face back to mine. She stared into my eyes, and I was hypnotized into staring back, hard. Slowly, she let go of my hands, and breathed hard in my face. I moved in, looking at her lips and eyes constantly, but then stuck on her eyes again while I moved my hands to her a$$ and squeezed. I felt her jolt...she was feelin me. She had never lost eye contact with me thus far, until she looked at my lips really quick. Then she slightly shook her head.
She was about to leave, slightly moving away.

"You got a name 'miss wild thang'?" We both smiled.

"Till next time, Chris."

As we lost grip, I fell out of my trance, but into another one. I felt a bit dizzy, and I remmeber B throwing me in the passenger's seat of my car.

I woke up with the sun shining in my room, making my all white sheets seem even brighter.
I rubbed my hand over my head. "What the hell just happened?" I thought.

--Chapter 2.5: Daily Ish


I leaned up and kept rubbing my head. Then I rubbed my face and took in a breath, followed by letting it out. I looked out my window at the sun's brightness. I had a slight headache, prolly cuz of them drinks. I was a little tipsy the night before. I remeber the weird a$$ fine chick, though, but unfortunately, not much about her. She just took over me. I didnt know wat I was thinking.

I layed back on my bed and grabbed the remote turning on the TV to "Saved By the Bell." I aint had to go to work today, it was Friday. I could go to work, but after the paperwork, I'd be sitting there doing nothing. I heard a buzzing noise on my dresser. Followed by "Baby girl, what's ya name? Let me talk to you, let me buy you a drank..." It was my phone. It was Asia.

"Hello?" I waited for her response.

"Good Morning, Mr. Brown," she said in a somewhat peppy voice. She wasnt exactly a morning person, but she never had anything against it, so every once in a while she had pep on mornings.

"Damn, girl. Why are you calling me this early? You know Ilike sleeping late."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Brown. I thought you needed me to come over, after Mr. Bradford called me and all-(gco)"

"B called you? What for? It's Friday, and obviuosly I aint coming to work today."

"Well, sir, I do double as a personal assistant. In cases that I am called to assist my boss, I will do as asked, even if my boss did not ask me to. As far as I know, Mr. Bradford is your best friend, and he seems to be the only person who would know bette rthan I if you nedd assisting." I raised my eyebrows at her little explanation, not that she could see my reaction, but it was a reaction.

"Only other person besides you? So, we must be friends like that, huh?"

"Mr. Brown, not to bring your hopes down, but I do recall stating that our relationship is professional, and I do not recall more than several accounts we have been more than engaging on business terms. I would consider you an acquaintance of mine, but in the staement I made about how much I know you, was based on how long I have known you. Two years can say alot."

"What is with your speeches? Do you speak normal?" She chuckled.

"Mr. Brown, what do you mean? This is my normal dialect."

I rolled my eyes."I bet if I got a few drinks in you, you might be speaking a little more normal."

"Sir, I am not even 20 years old. And drinking, not my style."

"You got six weeks until this birthday of yours, and I've noticed your style. Look, we are way off topic. You dont have to come over, I was just a little worn out from the club last night."

"Well, an apology in about 2 minutes in advance, sir, I'm already here in your building."

"Okay, then come on up," I sighed out.

I sat up and scratched my head. Then, I rubbed my meat as I got up and walked to my living room. I yawned a couple of times, and stood at the door waiting for Asia. My door rang and I opened it for her to come in.

She greeted me in a slight smile and walked in. closed the door and locked it. She turned around and looked at e.

"What, something in my teeth?"

"No sir, what is it that you need me to do?" I scratched my head.

"Nothing actually. That's why I said not to come. I mean you could leave if you want." I looked at her reaction, slightly dissapointed.

"Okay..." She took a deep breath. I breath that almost signalled to go ito hyperventilating, but didnt. She slowly walked toward the door.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, sir. I didnt mean to waste your time coming over here. If it's no problem with you, can I tell you my concerns and complaints?" I looked confused.

"About the job?"

"No..I meant life."


"Well, I took the bus from my house7 miles away to get here. I bought you coffee, but this waman in a rush knocked it over onto the sidewalk. That was at 7 o'clock this morning. Then, the traffic held up the bus, for over 45 minutes, and I had to walk the last 2 miles. I'm not sure I could go home right now, considering two things. I really would like a break in not going back the way I came, and my place is being inspected for termites that broke out in my building."

I kind of grew a smile while listening to her. She wanted to spend some time with her boss...maybe, or for me to drive her home. I hated to misjudge her, like most people usually did to her, but I figured she didnt have much plans for the day, and I'd let her stay, then drive her home later. I think she mis-took my smiling for not understanding and laughing it off.

"Oh, well maybe I shouldnt bother you. I'll walk back, it's okay, Mr. Brown." I pulled her arm as she headed tot he door.

"You can stay. I'm not letting you go through all that s*** going back. I'll drive you home later. Untill then...find something to do while I take a shower, alright?" She nodded with a faint smile.


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••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

Post  LADy A LAND on Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:09 pm

--Chapter 1: Invitation

Tha Jungle
Where Danger Happens
Tha Jungle
I'll Take You Captive
Tha Jungle
Where Danger Happens
Tha Jungle
I'll Take You Captive


"What the hell does it all mean?" I thought long and hard.

I kept staring at the fax...."Come To Tha Jungle" is what it said, signed with nuthing but the letter 'A' at the bottom of the page. Something about it controlled me, like I just wanted to go for curiuosity. Tha jungle? Where the hell was this 'Jungle' that it was talking about?
I remmebered the look of the girl in the street...the lil caramel-ish one with wavy hair and hazel contacts...they made me lost in her eyes as she brushed up against me in waht looked like a bikini. It was a bikini with scrf looking things wrapped around it like from a music video or something.
She caught my attention, but no one else seemed to see her...which was hard considering she stood out like a sore thumb.

"Hey, what you lookin at?" I heard Barry's voice as I was reading it over and over.

"I dont know," I answered with dep intrigue still looking at the paper. "You ever heard of the Jungle?"

"Oh, you're talking about the thing like a rainforest, only with lions right? The place with all the vines?" I did a fake laugh along with Barry from his joke.

"Oh, you got jokes. You can walk ya a$$ out my office if that's the case."

"Damn, you so hostile. When's the last time you got some a$$?"

"Nigga, if I had some a$$ anytime lately...I'd be cheesing like I won the superbowl. 'I'm going to Disneyland!!'"

"Whatever dawg. Ay, what's this s*** bout the jungle anyway?" Barry took a seat, looking interested.

"I dont know man. I got this fax. Its one of those toll free numbers, which is weird as hell. Read it." I handed it to him as he looked it over.

"Wow, old Chris might have a little secret admirer, huh?"

I leaned back in my seat, dialing the mysterious number into my cell phone and hovering my thumb over the call button,"What do you mean man?"

"I mean, doesnt it sound like a club or some s***? Some lil girl prolly just tryna ask you out. Either that or one of the broads up in here."

"You think so?"

"Yeah. I dont see why they want you, though."

"I think it's more than that, though." I had a look on my face...a look that said 'Should I?'

"Call the number back dude. And if she sound sexy, answer 'Hell yeah I wanna go tot he jungle, I'm a beast!' That'll work," he laughed.

I hit the call button.

Then I heard her voice.

"Yes?" Even those three letters pulled me in.

"Hello? Um...did someone from this number fax me?"

"It's an invitation."

"To where?"

"No, it's to whom."

"And who would this person be?"

"Me." I felt a jolt inside me...mostly my pants.

"....I would, but I dont have a map."

She laughed,"Well I guess I'll have to find you again then, won't I?"

"Look, sorry for being to foward...but your laugh is turning me on right now."

"It's supposed to. that's how it works when I'm the predator, and you're my prey." I smiled at the sound of that.

"Is that right?"

"No no no, Chris. That makes you wrong, and me too, but then isnt it right?"

"Who are you?"

"You'll soon find out, Chris. 40/40, tonite." The phone was turned off on her side. Why did she have to go so fast?

I looked over the note over and over. I didnt know what game I was playing, but it sounded fun. Then iheard another voice. A feeling over came me the same way as the chick on the phone, but I spun around in my chair and only saw Asia.
She was going through her clip-boarded list, checking off papers that she was placing on my desk. She had the same piece of hair wave at the side of her face, always seeming to somehow escape her bun when she does it every morning..or so I assumed. Then she pushed up her glasses and her eyes slowly travelled toward me.

"What is it that you are staring at Mr. Brown?" She gave me a shy look, as usual.


"Oh I thought you were looking at me for some strange reason."

"Well, I guess I was."

"But, you said you were looking at nothing, did you not?"

"I know." She looked down, not the direction, but the emotion."No, I didnt mean you're nothing, I meant I said nothing because I was hiding the fact that I was staring...for no apparent reason...just forget it."

"Well, sir, I think I finished for today already."

"You wanna go home? Am I that bad of a boss that you cant wait to leave work?" She looked worried, like I was serious.

"No, sir. I was just saying-(gco)"

"I'm ugly right? You know what-(gco)" I couldnt help but laugh.

"Mr. Brown I did not say that. I will stay if I'm needed. I apologize-(gco)"

"You dont need to, I was joking. Why dont you ever lighten up? I may be the man you work for, but I mean I'm tryna have fun with you too." She kept her little bottled up look.

"Is that all you need, Mr. Brown?" I lowered my head and shook it, moving cloer to her. She could never look anyone in the eyes, especially me. I lifted her chin to show I was sincere in my statement that I was going to say.

"Call me Chris, okay?" She nodded her head, still in my hand. I smiled. "As long as you worked for me, it never occured to you that I like to be called by my first name? No, let me stop asking questions."

She turned around, ready to leave already. I watched her reach the door, clutching her clipboard to her B-cup chest as usual. I sat on mys desk and watched her hidden switch in her long cotton gray skirt that she always wore. I always said I needed a female secretary, so I'd have something nice to look at. She was.....not what I had in mind, but watching her walk was a little pleasing.


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Re: ••C A P T I V E•• ( ( The Jungle**Where Danger Happens** ) )

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