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Breana && Tremaine :heart:

Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:59 pm by [S][Y][A]

Trey was watching TV in his condo, he shared with girlfriend Jasmine. He laughed at Will Smith as The fresh prince in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, he loved that show. He was interrupted by a knock on the door, he sighed and wonder who it could be 'cause Jasmine wasn’t in town. She went to New York to visit her Mother, He couldn’t go because of his work. He opened the door and was surprised by …

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?My Mentally Challenged Love?

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Re: ?My Mentally Challenged Love?

Post  I'dWifeThat-A TRAiN on Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:48 pm

lmao i love this one bre, crank it

Do you qualify to ride the A TRAiN? I'll be the judge of that. And we'll see from there...
You'll be on it all night, boy you'll be on it all day...
straight up, boo if you want me you could find me I"m The
U on it, u on it u on it u on it....u on that Lay.Dee.A u on that Lady A....
I'dWifeThat-A TRAiN

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Re: ?My Mentally Challenged Love?

Post  .TRIGGA.WIFE.O.D.H. on Sun Feb 22, 2009 6:48 pm

I wokeup to hear Chris shouting my name... Chris : ABBY! Abby:What baby,what`s wrong? Chris:What`s this? he said while pointing to the computer screen Abby:OMG CHRIS how did you get on this?! he was watching porn and didn`t even know it.. Chris:I was on this lil website and this popped up,Abby what is he doing to her? damn,How would I explain this? Abby:He....uh..is having sex with her Chris:What`s sex? Abby:Your mama never talked to you about it? Chris:No Abby:Well,it`s like this...go in the kitchen and bring me a banana.. Chris:Okay..[walks to the kitchen] I grabbed a condom out of my purse yes I kept them around just incase me and him decided to have sex one day,he would be my first. [Chris walks back in] Chris:Here`s your banana.[hands the banana to Abby] Abby:Okay,imagine the banana is your penis. Chris:You mean the thing I pee-pee with? Abby :Yeah.. and imagine my..[makes a hole with her hand] hand is my vagina. Chris:your treasure box? Abby:Yeah..okay you see this?[holds up a condom] this is a condom and this what you use to protect yourself cause you don`t wanna catch diseases or babies. Chris:Okay.. Abby:You take your penis and place the condom on it gently like so[demonstrates on the banana] Chris :That`s a big banana,but I`m longer. Abby:[laughs].....Boy you a trip. Chris :[laughs] i`m serious my thang is longer. Abby:[smiles] Oh lord okay...now you stick your protected penis into my vagina... now usually you would get me wet first. Chris:Get you wet? like throw water on you or somethin? Abby:Naw,I`ll talk about you gettin me wet another time.that was the first lesson for today.. Chris:Okay,thanks Abby you helped out A LOT! Abby:You welcome baby Chris :I so love you Abby Wabby! Abby:[laughs] I love you too Chrissy Wissy Chris :[laughs] Have you talked to Bre? Abby:Not today,you know how her and Trey is they be sexin` it up.. Chris :He bet not give her no diseases! Abby :[laughs] Bae,I`m sure he won`t,he`s your bestfriend he wouldn`t hurt you Chris :I know,but I pinky sweared Breana that I would always watch out for her and I`m gonna even if it mean beating up Trey I will Abby:You won`t have to,I`m sure she`s in good hands boo. I said while holding him from behind

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Re: ?My Mentally Challenged Love?

Post  [S][Y][A] on Sun Feb 22, 2009 4:58 pm

lmao Laughing wow Bre

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?My Mentally Challenged Love?

Post  .TRIGGA.WIFE.O.D.H. on Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:41 pm


May 5,1995

Mrs.Kenneth : Goodmorning my big 1st Graders!

The class : Good morning, Mrs.Kenneth!

Mrs.Kenneth : Someone in here has a birthday today,is it you Abryle?

Abby : No,Mrs.K.

Mrs.Kenneth: Is it you....Breana?

Breana :no.Mrs. K,my birthday was in February

Mrs.Kenneth :Is It you,Tremaine?

Trey : No,Mrs.K my birthday in November!

Mrs.Kenneth :Is it you Nadia?

Nadia : No,Mrs.K my birthday isn`t here yet!

Mrs.Kenneth :Is it you...Brianna?

Breana :I said No,Mrs.K damn can`t you hear?

Mrs.Kenneth:Okay pottymouth you just scored in-door recess.and I was talkin bout the other Brianna.

Breana:[wines] AWWWW MAN!

The Class:[laughs]

Abby:I`ll stay in with you Bre

Trey :Me too,baby I`ll stay

Breana:Thanks Abby. and thanks Trey,I love you

Trey:Love you too pookie bear.

Brianna: No,Mrs.K my birthday is in September,remember?

Chris: Mrs Kenneth!! It`s my birthday!!!!

Mrs.Kenneth:[smiles]I know Christopher,I was just waitin on you to answer.come get your prize!

Chris :YAY!!!

Nadia:look,it`s the retarded boy

Shad :[laughs] yeah

Breana:You lil bastards betta stop talkin bout my damn Brother!

Abby: And I know somethin bout you Nadia,and I swear I will box yo a$$ if I have to..

Breana:And Shad,baby you ain`t even our height short b!tch

Abby[laughs]Good one Bre.


Abby&Breana:HE LYIN!

mrs.Kenneth:Do you two want in-door recess with Ms.Breana?


Mrs.Kenneth:Then be quiet now!


Abby:[laughs] You crazy lady

Mrs.Kenneth: Abby that`s it you got in-door recess!

Abby:Come on,Mrs,K I ain`t do nothin!

Breana:You said you was gonna stay in with me anyway

Abby:I lied,I was just tryna be a good friend.

Breana:Whatever,I`m bout to get That b!tch Shad in trouble too,watch.

Breana grabs scissors and pokes Shad on his butt with them.


Mrs.Kenneth:Shad,you about to earn in-door recess you betta be quiet!

Shad:But somethin poke me!

Breana:I didn`t see anything,did you see anything Abby?

Abby:No..but did you see anything Nadia?

Nadia:Yes,I did!

Abby grabs Nadia by her hair without the teacher seeing and pulls it.

Abby:I said...did you see anything Nadia?

Nadia:No,I didn`t see nothing at all!

Breana:That`s right b!tch

Shad:Mrs.Kenneth! Breana cursin!

Mrs.Kenneth:That`s it Shad you scored in-door recess too!



Nadia:What you laughin at retard?

Breana:b!tch call my brother a retard again,I`ma cut yo lil roasted marshmallows ugly a$$!

Abby:And tell that b!tch,Rihanna she can get it too,tell ha Ms.Mothafuckin Abryle Hanes said that sh!t.

Chris[laughs] Abby,you funny

Abby:[smiles]Thanks Chris,you`re cute

Chris[blushes]: Really?


Chris:shutup Bre!

Breana:[laughs] Tell Abby,how you told me that you really wnated to be her boyfriend!

Chris :[blushes] Breana!

Abby:[smiles] Awww,it`s okay Chris....

Breana :oooh!!!

Abby&Chris:Shutup Bre!

Breana:[laugh] Aight,I`ma let y`all do y`alls thang..yo where Swagg at?

Swagg:Right here,girl I heard y`all way back from here.

Breana:Swagg,wtf is your real name?


Swagg:Just call me Babi swagg

Breana:Aight swagg of the babi we got you..

End of Flashback

And we been in love every since....

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Re: ?My Mentally Challenged Love?

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