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Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:59 pm by [S][Y][A]

Trey was watching TV in his condo, he shared with girlfriend Jasmine. He laughed at Will Smith as The fresh prince in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, he loved that show. He was interrupted by a knock on the door, he sighed and wonder who it could be 'cause Jasmine wasn’t in town. She went to New York to visit her Mother, He couldn’t go because of his work. He opened the door and was surprised by …

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His Love |New Story|

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Re: His Love |New Story|

Post  [S][Y][A] on Sat Feb 07, 2009 5:13 pm

Aww Chris is soo sweet

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Post  .:LiviaCherie:. on Sat Feb 07, 2009 11:43 am

I at least need some comments so i know
that yall like my story.! =]

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Ch.5 Part 3

Post  .:LiviaCherie:. on Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:27 pm

She was right we did rush it a lil, that jus leaves me time to think up a great to make Devyn officially mines.

“Devyn look at me” I told her. She raised her head up and looked at me as I wiped her tears away.

“im sorry for what that nigga did to u but I aint him, I would never hit or abuse u like he did, I would treat u with the upmost respect and be there for u when u need me, ill be your knight in shining armor if u jus let me, yeah I know we kinda rushed into a relationship but I didn’t officially make u mine trust me mama when I do ur going to love it. Devyn I really like u its like your all I think about I swear to u when I make u mines u wont have to worry about anything else I got chu babygirl” I told her.

She looked at me, and jus stared at me. I could tell she was thinking hard about what I jus told her. She rested her head on my chest. I could tell she wasn’t sure.

“just trust me babygirl” I whispered in her ear. she looked at me again.

“please don’t hurt me chris, please don’t” she said.

“I won’t mama I promise to u I won’t” I said. She held onto me tight and I did the same.

I picked her up and walked over to the couch and sat down with her on my lap. I just couldn’t believe that someone would hurt her so bad. A few mins later I looked down at her and saw that she was sleeping. I picked her up and laid her back in bed I pulled the covers over her. Jus before I could get to the door she woke up.

“Chris” she said softly.

“yeah whats up?” I asked.

“can u stay with me?” she asked sitting up.

“yeah ill stay with u, jus let me go get my bball shorts out of the car” I said.

“ohkay” she replied and laid back down.

I went downstairs out to my truck to get my shorts, I grabbed them and went back in the house, I walked up stairs and into her room, I put on my shorts and took off my shirt jus leaving on my beater. I crawled into the bed and pulled her close to me, I wrapped my arms around her and she put hers ontop of mine and we fell asleep.

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Ch.5 Part 2

Post  .:LiviaCherie:. on Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:26 pm

“I got a surprise for you” I said as I began to get off the bed.

“oh really and what is that?” she asked.

“close your eyes” I whispered in her ear, she closed her eyes and I helped her off the bed. I held her waist guiding her over to the table.

“ohkay open them” I told her, kissing her neck. She opened her eyes and began to cheese real hard.

“awwwh Chris” she said as she turned to me wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me.

“no body never did anything this sweet for me” she said

“what u mean?” I asked out of dumbness.

“well ill put it this way, the past relationships ive ben in, well they didn’t work out so well” she told me.

“what happened” I asked.

“see before I moved down here I was in a relationship with this boy his name was Trey he was soo sweet and caring jus the most nicest person always took me shoppin, and took me out to eat n all, but then one day we were jus caked up at his house and he tried to pull some stuff that I wasn’t comfortable with. Well he decided that he well.”

She began to cry a lil, as she stood up and raised her shirt. She turned around I saw all these faint bruises all on her body. When she turned to the front on her stomach there was a faint small straight line going across it. I stood up and walked over to her and embraced her in my arms.

“he cut me Chris” she cried. I couldn’t believe what I jus heard.

“he what” I yelled, and she jumped back a lil.

“h-he cut me, I wouldn’t give him some so he said that if I didn’t give him any he would cut me, I said no and he got up and left the room, I tried to get up and run but when I got to the door he grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the ground and then I curled up into a ball, n he started throwing punches, then I felt this sharp pain go across my stomach he was about to cut my area but then his brother came in n I blacked out.”

I walked over to her and grabbed her in my arms, her warm tears stained my shirt but I didn’t care. I couldn’t believe that somebody would do something to hurt Devyn like that.

“Chris I feel like we rushed things a little, i-im scared that you’ll do me like Trey did, I loved him so much, but he hurt me n im scared you’ll turn into him” she said burying her head in my chest crying

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Ch.5 Part 1

Post  .:LiviaCherie:. on Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:25 pm

Chapter 5: Chris
June 25th, 2009
10:30 am

A Few Weeks Later

I woke up early so since I was off today, Monday and Tuesday I was jus gone chill with my gurl, and my boys. I got up and went in the bathroom and got in the shower, I got out and lotioned up and put on my black Roca Wear jeans, a red Roca Wear polo, and my red and black 6 rings, I put on some cologne and went downstairs. I grabbed my keys and phone and left the house. 3 mins later I pulled up at Devyn’s house and grabbed the key from under the mat and unlocked her door and went in. it was quiet so she was still sleeping.

I took my shoes off and decided to go in the kitchen and cook her breakfast, I went in and began cooking pancakes, bacon, grits, eggs, and biscuits. Hell it was smellin hella good I know ima good cook. After the food was done I grabbed two plates and filled them up with food, I put them on a tray with some orange juice and the biscuits and I went upstairs to Devyn’s room.

I opened the door and there she was sleeping so peacefully, I looked around her room, damn lil mama got it goin for herself. She had lil area with a flat screen, couch, and table with two chairs, then it was a walk in closet, and her bathroom which had a walk in shower too. Her bed was a queen size bed and it was super huge. I set the two plates on the table and walked over to her bed.

I climbed in and placed kisses on her lips, she instantly smiled cause she knew it was me. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“goodmorning beautiful” I said as I pecked her lips again.

“mmm hey u?” she said.. I pulled her lil body onto my lap and gave her a hug.

“damn I love your hugs” she said laughing. I laughed to.

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Re: His Love |New Story|

Post  Sinndarella! on Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:49 pm

o m g
this is hot
how cute that destiny brought them 2gether
c r a n k it hun!

SoMe WoMeN WeRe MaDe
i LiKe 2 THiNK i WaS CReaTeD
Fo a SPeaCiaL PuRPoSe
u KNoW, WaT'S Mo SPeCiaL THaN u, Ya FeeL MeH?

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Ch. 4

Post  .:LiviaCherie:. on Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:10 pm

Chapter 4: Devyn
June 13th, 2009
5:30 pm

As I walked in the Shop everyone’s eyes were on me. I know they saw the kiss and I was ready to be bombarded with questions.

“ohkay soo uhhm the kiss?” Dani asked walking up to me.

“were together” I said as I got a gesture of mixed facial expressions.

“didn’t yall jus meet yestaday?” Tiff asked flat ironing her clients hair.

“it’s a whole story u wana hear it?” I asked beginning to part my clients hair.

“hellz yeah” everyone in the shop replied. We all busted out laughing.

“ohkay so u remember my sister Samarah right?” I asked.

“yeah she passed a few years back” Dani said looking down because her and Marah was tight as ever we were thick as thieves growin up, we had each others backs no matter what.

“so I jus found out that she and Chris use to be together before she passed away. And well her wish was that me and chris would get together because she could trust me and she didn’t want Chris with anyone else and she told me the day before she died that she had sumone for me to talk to and tht she didn’t want me to meet him because I would meet him later on in life and well last night I met him so we made Samarah’s dream come true.” I said jus thinking about chris.

“awwwwwww” they all said together. I couldn’t help but smile.

“so wait u guys are jus together because of Samarah?” Misha asked.
“no we like eachother, actually u guys it feels like ive known Chris all my life, from all the things we have in common n no I haven’t developed strong feelings or a love for him yet but its going to be there, cuz I can feel it, u guys he took me to Red Lobster” I said with a grin stretched across my face.

“dang gurl..awwh pooh im so happy for u” Dani said giving me a hug.

“thankz” I said. As I finished giving my client a curly ponytail with 3D twisties.

The day ended and I locked my things up, and grabbed my purse and keys and left. I got in the car and cranked it up and turned on the radio and “Take You Down” which was me and Chris’s song came on I turned it up and smiled as I pulled off.

I heard my phone ring and I looked at the caller id and saw that it was my baby. I picked up the phone.

“hey u” I said smiling as I turned onto the freeway.

“whats up babygirl, I see u blastin our song” he said I could tell he was smiling.

“u knows it” I replied.

“so doin right now?” he asked. I could tell he was up to something.

“uhhm I jus got off work why whats up?” I asked.

“I want u to meet someone” he said.

“ohkay that’s cool with me” I told him.

“iight ill pick u up at ur house” he smiled.

“ohkay I live on 16974 LakeView Terrace” I told him.

“u lyin”

“uhhm no not realy” I laughed.

“cause I live on Lakeview Plaza like a few streets up” I smiled harder knowing that my baby was close.

“awwwh, I smiled hey u can come over that way u don’t have to go home or anything” I told him.

“iight ill be there in like 3mins” he told me

“ill be there in 10 there’s a spare key under the mat u can grab it and let urself in”

“iight baby ill see you soon”

“ohkay boo bye.!”

“bye mama.!” I drove for about 10 more mins and sure enough when I turned onto my street I saw Chris’s escalade parked in the drive, I pulled in next to his and got out. I walked into the house and there he was looking sexy as ever in his lil uniform.

“hey boo.!” I said as I put my purse on the table and kissed his forhead.

“hey cutie.!” He said flashing his sexy smile.

“so who do u want me to meet?” I asked.

“I want u to meet my mama” when he said that my eyes lit up and I smiled, knowing that he wanted me to meet his mom.

“she knows about everything between me and u and she knows about Samarah too” he said.

“awwh really” I said. Chris got up and walked over to me and held me in his arms and our lips locked, he had the most softest lips ever.

“yes really” he said pulling out of the kiss. I couldn’t help but smile.

“so u ready to go?” he asked.

“yeah I am” so he took my hand and walked me out to the car of course I grabbed my purse and phone, I put my car in the garage and he walked me to the car. We got in and he started the car and drove off.

I looked out the window kind of nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. I think Chris noticed it and grabbed my hand.

“don’t be nervous mama, she’s a real nice person ull love her.” He said smiling.

“ohkay boo” I assured him. The ride to Chris’s moms house was cool once again me and Chris jus laughed and talke, this boy is a clown, lol. So after 20mins we finally made it to his moms house. Chris got out the car and walked around to my side of the car, I got nervous my hands began to shake I didn’t know what his mom would have thought about me.

“babygirl calm down” he told me pulling me into a hug and kiss, when he kissed me it was like all my nervousness went away. I pulled my self together and we walked up to the door.

“hey baby” Chris’s mom said as she pulled him into a hug.

“hey mama” he said kissing her cheek.

“and who is this pretty young lady?” she asked smiling at me.

“im Devyn, and its nice to meet u Ms. Brown” I said with a warm smile.

“oh honey please call me Mama u probly gone be my daughter in law someday” she said laughing, I couldn’t help but laugh too.

“so where are u from honey?” she asked as we went in and sat on the couch in the living room.

“well im from Detroit but I moved down here to go to Spelman and I loved it so much here I jus decided to stay” I told her.

“that’s good, well Chris tells me that ur Samarah’s sister?” asked. I kinda looked down Chris grabbed my hand.
“yes that’s my sister” I told her.

“she was a sweet gurl, u remind me so much of her, I met u when u were jus a lil baby me and ur mom use to work together, how is she doing?” she asked.

“oh she is doing just fine she’s down here to, she moved down here when my sister died, actually she lives maybe a few streets up from here, would u like her number?” I asked.

“surree I miss Tammy” she smiled.

I gave her the number and we talked for awhile and then Chris and I left. Everything went ohkay actually. Ms.Joyce was a cool person, lol. So Chris came over for awhile I made dinner for us and we watched some movies it was around 2am and Chris got ready to leave I walked him to the door and kissed him good bye.

“na if u need anything boo jus call me, im only 2 streets up n ill be here” he said as he embraced me once more. I smiled.

“ohkay boo” I told him. I watched as he got in the car and drove off, I closed the door and walked up to my room and got I bed, I was sleeping in tomorrow since I had that Monday Tuesday and Wedsday off, wooh.!

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Post  .:LiviaCherie:. on Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:10 pm

Chapter 3: Chris
June 13th, 2009
3:05 am

As I drove home I couldn’t get Devyn off my mind. Maybe it was her pretty smile and her beautiful shining gray eyes, or the way she moved to the beat of the music that had me hypnotized. Or was it how her jeans jus hugged her hips and how her shirt jus fit so nicely and how she was thick in all the right places. But its jus not her looks but I can tell she has a nice personality to that’s why I wana get to know her a lil better and make her mines, but she jus reminds me of sumone I jus cant tell who.

When I pulled into my driveway I got out locked my car and went in the house. I walked up stairs tired as hell, I dragged myself to get in the shower and I washed off. I got out dried off and threw on some basketball shorts n a beater and got in the bed and went to sleep.

It wasn’t long before my alarm clock went off letting me know that I had to get up and get ready for work. I got up and got dressed. I went downstairs and ate some food and left. My job wasn’t all that great but it pays the bills. My actual dream is to sing so that’s something I have to work on.

I pulled up at Lakeshore Mall and went in. I walked into FootLocker and I saw Juan and Will, idk where Dre was.

“Was good Chris” Will said as he dapped me.

“nothing much mane jus tired as hell” I said yawning.

“Yeah I bet shawty put it on u huh?” Juan said smirkin.

“Nigga it aint even like tht she a cool gurl, idk what u was tryna do with ol gurl” I said laughing at him.

“man whatever she cool I like her I jus think Misha know my issue” he said kinda worried.

“Nigga what u worried for?” Will asked.
“I never really met a gurl who can tell that I have a problem with sticking to jus one gurl” he said.

“mmmmhmmm so what u starting to like her” I asked.

“maybe but I got her number and we talked all the way up until 6” he said smiling.i could he was starting to like her, I jus wana see what will happen when he start to sow his true colors.

So I walked in the back and put my stuff up and went back out to the store, im mad my boss called us in but hey that’s life fo ya!”

The day seemed to go by fast and it was time or my lunch break, see since me Juan n Will are like the boss’s fav he gives 2hours for lunch. So I decided to call Devyn and see if she wanted to meet up for lunch, I took out my phone and dialed her number.

“hello” her sexy voice rang through the receiver.

“hey mama this Chris whats poppin?” I asked smiling.

“uhhmm nothing really jus workin” she said.

“Well uhhm hey I really want to see u and I was wondering if u wanted to meet up for lunch or sumthing” I said.

“yeah sure that’s cool with me” she said. From her voice I could tell she was smiling.

“what u smiling for?” I asked laughing.

“ohh shut up” she said playfully.

“lol, uhhm how about I come and pick u up that way u don’t have to drive” I said.

“ohkay that’s cool with me, I work at Head Turna’s over on 3rd and Broadway” she said.

“ohkay ill be there in 15mins ill see u soon lil mama” I said smiling.
“iight by boo” she said smiling.

“so im boo now?” I asked.

“whatever lol bye chris” with tht she hung up.

I went into the back and my keys and walked out to the parking lot. I got in my 09 Cadillac Escalade and drove off. Within 15mins I was sitting out in front of Devyn’s job waiting. She saw me through the window and came out. Damn she looked to good she was wearing a White Miniskirt with a pink and gold baby phat tube top and pink and gold flats to match, and her hair was down and curly. Babygirl was workin it.

“Hey u” she said as I got out and helped her in the car, she gave me a hug and got in, I closed the door and got in, then pulled off.

“whats up babygirl” I replied.

“nothing really jus wanted to see u” she said smiling.

“oohh really now” I said looking at her then back at the road.

“uhhm no not really” she laughed.

“awwh dang forreal ma” I said pretending to be sad.

“boy hush up im jus playing” she laughed.

“uhh huh yeah ohkay” I said laughing.

“so where we going?” she asked.

“uhhhm u wana go to Red Lobster?” I asked.

“uhhm sure why not” she said kind of worried.

“babygirl whats wrong” I said as I turned the corner onto the free way.

“its just that I don’t wana spend up your money like tht I mean Red obster kinda expensive” she said looking at me.

“u don’t have to worry about tht im taking u out to lunch mama I got it” I said reassuring her.

“u sure chris cause I can help u out” she said.

“yeah I got it mama don’t worry yo pretty face” I said as we pulled up into the parking lot.

We went inside and ordered our drinks. As we looked at our menus I glanced at Devyn. She looked so beautiful the way her eyes sparkled in the light. I got lost jus staring at her and didn’t realize that she was staring back at me.

“hello chris are u there?” she said snapping her fingers in my face.

“ohh uhhh my bad” I said laughing.

“what are u staring at is it something on my face” she said touching her face.

“nahh mama ur face is beautiful, so tell me a lil about u” I said.

“well im 18 im from Detroit, and I moved here to the ATL so I could go to Spelman, uhhm I had a sister but she passed a few years back she was 1 year older than me, I love the color pink as u can see, lol uhhm ima cool laid back type chick I don’t take sh!t from nobody, im independent and I got my own house and car so basically that’s me. What else u want to know” she asked.

“uhhm soo why u don’t have a man?” I asked by that time we placed our orders and the waiter came back with our salads and bread.

“well I use to but we broke up, I guess he decided that since I wouldn’t give it up to him he wanted to leave me, but hey its all good though I know there’s somebody out there for me.” She said.

When she said that all I could think about was me making her happy and seeing that beautiful smile on her face all the time. I could be Devyn’s knight and shining armor.
“damn lil mama im sorry to hear that” I said. I wouldn’t ever force a gurl to do something that she didn’t want to do, that’s jus not right.

“its ohkay, so tell me a lil sumthn sumthn about u” she said.

“well im from VA my full name is Christopher Maurice Brown, im 19yrs old, and I work at FootLocker, its not something I dreamed of but it pays the bills, I like the colors Red, and Black, and I stays fresh to death lol” I said while poppin my collar.

“boy u a mess” Devyn laughed.

“what else u wana know” I asked as our food came.

“why don’t u have a gurl?” ahs asked looking me directly in the eyes.

“well she passed away a few years ago, she overdosed, I never even knew that she did drugs man, it hurt like hell when her mom called me and told me what happened, I new she had a sister but I never met her she wasn’t at the funeral” when I said that last sentence Devyn looked up at me.

“what was her name?” she asked.

“Samarah” I said lowly.

“I couldn’t go to her funeral, it hurt me to much to see them burry my sister like that she was only 18 fuckin years old, I never knew that she did drugs she was such a cool person no one would have ever known” Devyn said with tears streaming down her face as she looked out of the window into the sky.

“Samarah was ur sister?” I asked.

“yeah she was” Devyn said wiping the tears away from her eyes. I got up and went to her side of the table and wiped them away for her.

“she stated in her will that she wanted me to love her little sister the way I loved her, and that she wanted me to be with u because she wouldn’t let anyone else have me” I said as I held Devyn in my arms.

After all this time I knew there was something so familiar about Devyn and she reminded me so much of Samarah. But she had her own way showing it which I liked so much.

“the day before she died we were in my room talking before I left for college and she told me that she had someone that she wanted me to meet n that he was her boyfriend, she told me she didn’t want us to meet because we would meet later on in life, it was like she new she was going to die because she kept telling me how much she loved me me n marah were too close, and after saying our final goodbyes and when I finally landed in Atlanta I had a voicemail on my phone the next morning saying that she had passed” Devyn said.

“I guess her wish is coming true” I said as I looked down at Devyn who was now looking up at me. I leaned in and kissed her and she kissed me back.

She pulled out of the kiss and looked at me smiling. It felt like me and Devyn had known each other all our lives by the way we had a lot of things in common. When we kissed I felt this spark that jus let me know that I had found the one for me. I couldn’t love her jus yet because I jus met her yesterday but I could tell that I was going to end up loving her more than Samarah wanted me to. I know sumwhere up there in heaven Marah was looking down on us smiling.

“I feel like ive known u all my life” Devyn said. I swear she readin my mind.

“I feel the same exact way” I said kissing her forhead and she smiled.

“so where does this leave us?” she asked.

I tiltd her chin up to me and gently kissed her lips letting her know that she was mine and I was hers and that it was her sister’s wish that was now coming true. She looked up at me and smiled letting me know that she agreed.

“I like that” she said as we finished talking and eating our food. I paid for lunch and we walked out, the ride to Head Turna’s was mad cool, me and Dev jus talked and laughed. I pulled in front of her building and got out and walked around to let her out. She hugged and kissed me and walked in. I got into the car and drove off.

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Re: His Love |New Story|

Post  .:LiviaCherie:. on Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:39 pm

Thankz.! =]

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Re: His Love |New Story|

Post  Sinndarella! on Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:34 pm

oooh girl that was good
welkcome to my site!
im Sinny!!!!!!
and well
c r a n k it!

SoMe WoMeN WeRe MaDe
i LiKe 2 THiNK i WaS CReaTeD
Fo a SPeaCiaL PuRPoSe
u KNoW, WaT'S Mo SPeCiaL THaN u, Ya FeeL MeH?

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Re: His Love |New Story|

Post  Dani.Alexandria. on Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:54 pm

OOOOOOOOOO I like this Livi

cheers CRANK IT lol

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His Love |New Story|

Post  .:LiviaCherie:. on Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:34 pm

Chapter 1: Chris
June 12th, 2009
11:45 pm

Me n ma boys all walked into Club Inferno looking for something to do. When we got in I didn’t so nooo honey’s whats so ever. Well there was a few but none of them caught my eye.

“Man it aint nobody up in here” I said to my boys as we sat at the bar.

“whatever dude, its too many gorgeous girls in here Chris idk what your issue is” my boy Juan said looking around the club.

“Yeah ohkay I see u jus go for them easy chicks huh?” I said laughing

“Shut up mane. U know im not like that” he said with a smirk.

“Ohkay then what happened to Ciara I mean u met her n then took her home id what else happened but we aint never see her again”

“She wasn’t my type” he said lying through his teeth. I know my boy a good dude n all he jus need to know how stick to one gurl. See im not like that I treat a gurl like a queen how she’s supposed to be treated.

“u say that about every gurl u talk to, lol bruh u need to stick to jus one” my nigga Will chimed in.

“Whatever yall, but aye im bout to talk to this gurl ill see yall later” he said getting up and walking away from the table.

Me Will, Juan, and Dre jus stayed and talked and chilled for awhile, until something caught my eye. I saw this gurl on the floor and she was with her friends dancing. She was looking to right they way her jeans hugged her hips, and her top fit jus right.

“Aye yall see them gurls over there” I said as I pointed to to where the gurl and her friends were dancing.

“yeaah man lets go they look to right” Dre said already walking towards them. As we got closer I could tell she was having a good time by the smile on her face, her smile was as beautiful as she was. I could tell this was going to be a good night.

Chapter 2: Devyn
June 13th, 2009
12:30 am

Me and my gurls were dancing and having a good time when “Take You Down” blasted through the speakers. This was my song I thought to myself as I began to roll my hips to the beat. I looked around and saw that Misha, Dani, and Tiff all had dudes to dance with. I jus kept dancing until I felt summone wrap their arms around my waist and began to grind with me.

I turned around and looked at the person who kept up with my beat. He was too cute. He was light skinned with the most luscious pink lips, and dark brown pretty eyes, he had a diamond stud in his ear and that jus made it all better.

“whats good lil mama” he said as he turned me back around so tht my back was to him.

“nothing much really im jus here hanging with my gurls” I said in my sexily.

“ohh I see they dancing with my boys” he said with thee most sexiest deep voice ever. I could get lost in his voice.

“I can see that” I said, as rolled my hips against his hood. He held onto my waist tighter, my insides began to melt with his touch.

“So whats ur name babygirl?” he whispered into my ear. I almost slipped out of his arms he smelled so good.

“Devyn” I replied.

“unique and different but its sexy I like it” he said.

“and whats your name” I asked.

“Chris” he replied, I could tell by the sound of his voice he was smiling.

“well its nice meeting and dancing with you Chris” I replied. The song had ended and the lights came back on. Chris let go of me and we stood face to face.

“it was nice meeting and dancing with you to Devyn” I smiled as I turned to go find my gurls but I could tell that they were talking to the boys that they danced with.

“hey uhhm Devyn” I heard Chris call my name.

“Yeah” I replied with a smile on my face.

“Can I get your number, id like to get to know u a lil better if its ohkay with you?” he asked smiling.

“how do u know if I have a boyfriend or not” I said slyly. His smile faded away as he looked down.

“oh ma bad shorty i-“ I cut him off.

“lol im jus playing Chris, im single, and yeah id like to get to know u a lil better to” I said walking back towards him.

We exchanged numbers and ended up dancing to 4 more songs. It was now going on 3 o’clock and it seemed like me and Chris danced the night away. I felt someone tap my shoulder while me and Chris slow grinded to yet another slow jam. I turned around and saw that it was my gurl Dani.

“Dev we all kinda tired u ready to go?” she asked.

“uhhmm yeah I am kinda tired myself” I said. Turning back to Chris I looked him in the eyes.

“im kinda tired n my gurls are to so we bout to head on out” I said with a pouty face. Truth was I didn’t wana leave I was having too much fun with chris, but I did have to get up and work at the Shop tomorrow.

“its ohkay babygirl me n my boys bout to get up out of here to” he said looking down at me, I couldn’t help but smile.

I gave him one last hug before me n my girls walked out.

“byyee Chris” I said as we began walking towards the door.

“byyee Devyn” he said smiling that oh so sexy smile tht jus made melt inside.

As we walked to my Silver Range Rover all we could talk about was how our night went.

“so miss Devyn who was the cutie u were all caked up with?” Tiff asked.

“well his name is Chris and he is soo sweet and he has thee most sexy deepest voice ever” I smiled jus the thought of it.

“and who were u dancing with miss Tiffany?” I said laughing.

“well his name was Will and he is too sweet, he has thee most gorgeous eyes and pretty long hair I coudnt stop running my hands through it.” She cooed as she couldn’t stop smiling.

“and u miss Misha?”

“well his name is Juan and he’s cool but I can tell he has like a I don’t stick to one type personality idk.” She said kinda sad.

“gurl don’t worry about it ull find that one boo im sure” I re assured her. Misha was my gurl and she has had her share of bad relationships which is why she found it hard to ever love someone.

“Well I met a guy his name is Dre, he cool people I like him and especially cuz he has a bad boy side to him” Dani said smiling. I know my gurl we the closet’s of the group.

I dropped the gurls off and I drove home. I went in the house and took a shower, I got out lotioned up and put on my pajamas, got in bed and replayed the night all over again.

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